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Walther P99 QA Reviews

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Walther P99 QA Reviews

Postby PETER_QC1 » Sun Apr 23, 2006 8:23 pm

i have the P99DAO for work and i find it is very nice not to heavy and also easy to shoot with, i find it to be a good service gun for my taste even if other guns are available this is one that needs to be considered in any purchase.. for personnal or service use.
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Postby razr » Sat Jul 22, 2006 9:43 pm

I bought a German made P99QA 18 months ago. 3000 rounds through it out of which 2500 were rapid fire with out a single jam. Shoots and groups well at 10-12 yards. Trigger pin became loose and was replaced under warranty. Easy field strip, nice to handle. Would recommend it to anyone. Pull the trigger and itll go bang every time. I wish they made a 45 cal. It has been an amazing 9mm!
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Postby boomselectah » Mon Aug 07, 2006 12:35 am

i had originally purchased a Walther P99 back in 1999 and instantly fell in love with that gun. the style, the ergonomics, the accuracy. sadly, that gun was lost. i will say no more on that subject. recently when i started shopping for pistols again and learned that Walther and S&W had teamed up and adulterated my perfect gun to some faggy police double action only pistol i was DEVASTATED. they had removed the decocking lever and done away with the second strike capability, (which ironically makes you wonder how they can bill a weapon double action if it doesnt cock the striker and fire the weapon with the trigger pull), not that you would ever need it since the gun is so reliable. i checked the walther website and was crushed to find out that they no longer produced the original version of my once favorite gun. after a little asking around and talking to some very helpful sales clerks i did learn that Walther does in fact still make the pistol i first fell in love with, although with a few slight modifications. the new walther p99 AS now accepts lights and lasers by way of an open weaver style mount versus the original closed proprietary rails that the gun was first introduced with. the grip serrations are larger and more comfortable and everything else was pretty much left the same. now, i was lucky to find a used p99 prior to the merger with S&W and it was virtually in mint condition. i lament that i dropped it and scratched it up just a little. nothing noticeable, but i know that it is there and i hate myself for having dropped it. i love this gun. i cant say enough positive things about it. it feels as natural as any gun could in a persons hand with the option of three different interchangeable backstraps. THIS GUN IS GREAT!!! i love shooting it. my most recent memory of shooting this gun at the range i recall shooting some inexpensive target ammo and the gun seemed to kick up and to the left for some reason. weird. i was also shooting my Springfield XD 5 .45 acp that day and didnt notice any weird recoil from it. im guessing it was just the ammunition i was using. in any event, i plan on purchasing soon a new Walther P99 AS in 9mm and also at some point a Walther P99c. i just hope the compact version is also available with the Anti-Stress trigger system. i love the decock feature and the single action trigger break is so clean and smooth. the trigger reset is fantastic for quick accurate follow up shots.
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Postby kep4321 » Wed Aug 30, 2006 2:31 pm

I bought a P99 (.40 Cal stainless) back in 2001 (ish). When my Walther wasnt having feed and stove pipe issues it felt great in my hand and shot fairly accurate. I just could never get over the feed issues. I sent my magazines to Walther and got two new magazines with (upgraded) followers after they acknowleged they had an issue with them. My feed issues improved, but the problems never got fixed. I was still having 2 or 3 malfunctions for ever 200 rounds (not acceptable).

Overall, I did not get the performance and reliability that I expeced frtom such a legendary name such as Walther. After owning this gun for almost 5 years (and about 5000 rounds), I sold it and got a GLOCK model 22C (.40 Cal). I have shot about 1000 rounds through my GLOCK and never had any issues using a variety of ammo manufacturers.
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Postby techdavejr » Sun Sep 03, 2006 3:19 pm

It has many excellent qualities, but I would only give this firearm an average rating and not take it with me as a concealed carry piece. The weight of this hand gun is very balanced when you have a loaded clip. And the polymer from the slide release to the clip entrance is molded very well.

However, the standard sights play havoc with zeroing in on a target. Also, you loose a round if you ever use the decocker, which forces to you expel the chambered round in order to cock the weapon.

Without some post-sale modifications, I wouldnt take firearm far from the range... which is sad because I heard this weapon was awesome before the S & W/Walther merger.
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Postby razr » Fri Sep 15, 2006 9:58 pm

techdavejr, unless they have modified this pistol and forgot to tell me, the striker can be recocked by pulling the slide back slightly, by 1cm, less than an inch. You dont need to rack it compeletly and expel the round.
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Postby cheuaverra » Fri Sep 29, 2006 12:26 am

This was my first hand gun purchase ever. I confess, I bought a Walther because James Bond used a Walther. So far, Ive blown about 1,000 rounds through this gun with no problems at all. I have also found it to be very accurate even for someone like myself who has not yet studied shooting tecnique. I just point it and pull the trigger and get 2 groups at 15 yards. I expect it will get better as I learn breath control, etc.
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Postby blackcampbell » Wed Oct 04, 2006 1:27 pm

No jams on the .40 version. Good accuracy, although Ive gotten better performance from the 1911 and the FN 5.7mm. The recoil is nicely manageable, and sights are good, and the exchangeable backstraps are a great idea. The grips are well designed for positive control. The P99s an excellent buy...even in the crappy colored versins they keep putting out.
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Postby jeffhail » Sat Oct 07, 2006 12:29 am

I just purchased the P-99 QA in Desert Sand Finish.

True shooting at 15-25 feet. Great looking, easy to use and recoil is tolerable on this .40mm.
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Postby jeffhail » Sat Oct 07, 2006 12:32 am

I just purchased the P-99 QA in Desert Sand Finish.

True shooting at 15-25 feet. Great looking, easy to use and recoil is tolerable on this .40mm.

A little stiff pulling the slide back but with more use it should ease up. Highly recommend this nutty German Pistol!
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