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Hi-Point 995 carbine.

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Hi-Point 995 carbine.

Postby Will_Carry » Fri Jan 14, 2011 1:54 pm

I finally got a chance to shoot my Christmas present. A Hi-Point model 995 9mm carbine with a laser sight and a compensator. I did not know what to expect from a $250 gun but I was surprised to find that this little thing is great fun.

Right out of the box (I did run a brush through the barrel) it never failed once in 100 rounds of WWB target loads (Winchester White Box). I adjusted the laser first, at 25 yards, then I used the red dot to adjust the open sights.

25 yards is supposed to be the same as 100 yards for sight adjustment.

If Gun Directory had this carbine listed I would have to give it high marks. I understand that Hi-Point is working on a 20 round magazine, which I will purchase asap. It comes with only one 9 round magazine, which is kind of lame but what do you expect?

Mt wife thought it was an AK47 LOL! But I have heard these little rifles referred to as American AKs. I wouldn'y go that far but it is a lot of fun for the money.
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