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Common Sense 2: A Summary View

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Common Sense 2: A Summary View

Postby thetruthbrand » Mon Jan 17, 2011 3:43 pm

Common Sense 2: A Summary View, is a modern ode to the works of Thomas Paine and Thomas Jefferson.

The book was written with the intent of explaining what is ACTUALLY going on in America and how to ACTUALLY fix our problems. It is NOT a political book...politics is simply a 2-sided argument. The book was written from the perspective of an 'observer'. No sides, no politics, no misinformation, no propaganda...simply, the TRuth.

The book is broken down in 3 sections, which the Table of Contents makes clear when read. The first section is used to explain the corruption and woes that America is currently in. The second section explains where the American people's Power has been hidden, how to take it back and how to properly use it. The third section deals with 'where we are now' and then explains 'where we need to go next.'

If you enjoy philosophy, Booklet 10 should be right up your alley. It contains The TRuth brand's attempt to further the concept of Natural Rights in a modern, common sense and visual manner.


The book is broken down into Booklets, as follows:


0. Start Here (Intro)

00. Table of Contents


1. A History Lesson

2. Hijacked

3. Just Pullin' Our Strings

4. National Secrecy

5. Physical Threats

6. Paper Threats


7. A Civil Revolution

8. America's 'Arms'

9. Grassroots 101

Section 3:

10. The Natural World

11. The Fake World

12. The Real World

13. Our Destiny

14. Appendix


The book is free, open format and comes in numerous versions for convenience and Freedom. 'Words' are free and there is no price tag on Freedom.

Visit www.theTRuthbrand.com to download your free copy.

Thanks for your Time!


ps. I am not a spam bot, just trying to spread a message of Freedom the best way I know how. thanks.
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