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XDm-40 or CS 75 SP-01 ???

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XDm-40 or CS 75 SP-01 ???

Postby Will_Carry » Sun Nov 06, 2011 1:50 pm

Should I trade in my XDm-40 "safe queen" for an CZ 75 SP-01 ? I have never shot the CZ 75 but it feels good in my hand. I have shot the XDm-40 and I have no complaints. I just don't shoot it much.
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Postby tigwelder56 » Sun Nov 06, 2011 4:05 pm

Hey Will, how's life treating you buddy? Great I'm hoping! Since you know about the XDm I won't go into it from a technical view but I've looked at the CZ's before and like them alot. Before I go any further, the CZ 75 (older one) didn't fit my hand well at all. Grip angle was excellent but I didn't like the grip to trigger length. I've got medium sized hands and my finger tip just reached it. I like a little more. But that said, it's a great pistol. The prices of the CZ line is going up quickly and I'm not happy about that. They're really limiting their market by doing that. There are only two CZ 75 SP-01 models that fire the .40SW round. The Tactical and Tactical Sport. The Tactical is the smallest of the two @ 38.4 oz and a 4.7" barrel, the Tac. Sport @45.3 oz and a 5.4" barrel. All CZ's have a nice grip angle and these are no different. However the Tactical comes std. with Tritium sights, the Tac. Sport with fixed iron. The only other info you might need is their capacity. The Tactical @ 12, the Tac. Sport @ 16 rounds. They both come with a nice extended beavertail and the rounded combat hammer. The Tactical is a SA/DA, ambi decocking lever and Rubber grip panels. The Tac. Sport is SA only with a ambi thumb safety and wood grip panels. I can only find that one 10 or 12 round mag. comes in the box. The prices as I mentioned earlier aren't the friendliest I've seen lately! The Tactical's MSRP lands @ $724.00 and the Tac. Sport @ $1250.00. I'm looking for additional info for you but this seems like the lions share of it.
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