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Witness tangfolio

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Witness tangfolio

Postby Nico-gatillo » Tue Nov 08, 2011 9:20 am

Hi ! I'm new in the hangun sport !

I buy a tangfolio witness combo

.22 / .45 and every the first time

That I was shooting whit the .22

The cap was getting stuck wasn't

Ejecting ! The instructor tell me

That happens because is new . Ok !

I empty 100 rounds of .22 .

The following week was doing the same

It's still get jam ( stuck ) I had to put

The safety back on and take the clip and

Empty the gun so I can continue shooting .

Now the .45 don't give me any prob.

That is something wrong whit the .22

Or thats normal ? PS. I had the gun clean

After I went the first week !

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