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We need to get a gun for my wife, any suggestions?

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We need to get a gun for my wife, any suggestions?

Postby nverdugo » Wed Mar 18, 2015 2:14 pm

I need to get a gun for my wife and as a woman, you always have to deal with a multitude of threats, be it from robbers or any other person with maleficent intentions, and this is why getting your own gun is a very good idea. But what is the perfect gun for a woman?
Which is the best choice?
The answer to this question is very simple, and comes in the form of a concealed carry pistol. There are numerous reasons to opt for such a gun, but the main one is surely the fact that this gun is very easy to hide, which makes it suitable for numerous situations. Not only that, but such a gun is also very portable, which means that you can carry it anywhere you want without having to worry about anyone knowing about it or detecting it.

Guns for women
A good example of a stellar gun for women is the Smith & Wesson M&P Shield, which is a 9mm gun with a small weight. This tiny gun can easily be hidden into a purse, which makes carrying it very easy. This gun is also known for its great accuracy and numerous other benefits, so it’s a great product to purchase whenever you want a reliable and accurate gun.
Ruger LCP is a great gun that women can carry without a problem, since it has a polymer frame, but despite that it’s a very accurate gun with only 9 ounces in weight. It has a sharp perceived recoil and it manages to bring a great design that made it very popular amongst the female shooters, especially since the gun on its own isn’t larger than an iPod for example.
Moreover, another good gun for any woman is the 9mm we found here http://www.barneyspolicesupplies.com/beretta-usa/beretta-px-4-storm-9mm-night-sights-used-w-holster-1009. This one also has a polymer frame, but the thing that makes it stand out is the black straps that are interchangeable, which means that no matter how short or small the woman’s hand is, carrying and using this weapon won’t be a problem. The Beretta Nano also provides a quick and easy way to remove the magazine and it can fit both left and right handed persons.
Ruger LC9 is similar to the aforementioned model, although this one has less recoil even though it’s a much larger gun, which is quite impressive.
No good list containing guns for women won’t be complete without the Springfield XDS. This is a gun that adds a grip safety which makes it very valuable for any woman, and the size of this pistol is also spectacular as well, which makes it a reliable hand gun.

These are some of the best guns that a woman can choose in order to protect herself. What makes these guns great is the fact that they are small, portable and easy to conceal, so having them can come in handy! All of these guns are very popular, so you can easily find them at your local gun shop or at an online gun seller!
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Re: We need to get a gun for my wife, any suggestions?

Postby uga81 » Sat Jun 11, 2016 8:38 am

Last Christmas I put a Ruger LC380 in her hand. She likes it. Needs more practice. Revolver was my first choice as it is fool proof. Not that my wife is a fool lol. But, in an emergency, it would serve her well. TV and media have made the automatics look "new" and "in" so she had to have an automatic. If she is practical your wife would do well with a revolver. In that group, either the Ruger SP101, LC9, SW 637 or, if money is an issue, Taurus 85.
Good luck
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