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Old Pistol Help

Postby NuBGunOwner » Thu Dec 01, 2011 12:08 pm

I have 7 pistols i got from my grandfathers estate. I am curious as to the value, and even what some of them are... any help would greatly be appreciated...

I know the following:

Franz Stock - 2

Young American 22 and 32 revolvers

Rem UMC .380 Mod 51

Pietro Beretta mod 71 .22

The last pistol is of unknown origin and make... It is a pin fire black powder pistol with some engravings on it. One engraving is a N with a star next to it (N*) another one is initials LEO or LEG, and lastly on the trigger guard there is a D....

thanks for all the help....

P.S. i do have pics of all of them...
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