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Rossi - Interarms 38s 2\" snub load options

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Rossi - Interarms 38s 2\" snub load options

Postby whitmorewoody » Thu Dec 01, 2011 11:04 am

I'm looking for SD/HD load options for this revolver. It's in great shape, yet not sure it can handle some of the newest ammo options (such as some of the +P rounds available). This seems almost to simplestic to make such a generalized statement... I guess my question is why? Is it because of the rounds high MUZZLE ENERGY? Or is it MUZZLE VELOCITY? I've seen non +P rounds with a higher rated MUZZLE ENERGY than some +P loads. Thanks for the help. Just trying to understand what I need to be looking for in a round.... It's a DA Model 68 5 -- manufactured in the mid to late 80's.... Any help would be greatly appreciated....
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