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Latest update, 04-18-09

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Latest update, 04-18-09

Postby Tralik33 » Sat Apr 18, 2009 11:31 am

Ok folks, we have some news. The LLC agreement is being drawn up by an attorney and work has begun on the new site. We have an under construction page up already and have begun development of the forum system that we will be using. Mapping and development of the firearms database will begin shortly as well. You can see progress as it develops at www.gunreviewonline.com.

We are probably going to use the Simple Machines Forum system. The abilities and features of this forum system are very nice and allow us a great deal of flexibility and will allow our users a wide array of features as well. Below is a list of some of the things the forum system will do for us. Please keep in mind that we may or may not allow all of the features to be used in the best interests of the site.


Uses PHP and MySQL.

Comprehensive template system.

Advanced permission and user management.

Supports multiple languages at once.

Open and well-documented source code.

Tracking of new and old unread topics, not just from your last visit.

Designed for optimal performance and scalability.

Multi-media output. (XHTML, XML, RSS, WAP)

Multi-language support from a large community.

Package manager that automatically installs or uninstalls mods (also known as hacks.)


Search the entire forum, a category/board or within a topic.

Search within your personal messages.


All actions seamlessly require a session based authorization code.

Administrative actions require the user's password (and do not rely solely on cookies.)

Major actions are time and IP locked, preventing 'hammering'.

The number of login attempts from a certain IP can be limited and time locked.

Forum Settings

Ability to display page creation time and query count per page.

Put a board into maintenance mode, allowing only admins to login.

Word censoring, either full word or partial.

Ability to break up long words.

Boards and Categories

Group boards into collapsible categories.

Set categories as non-collapsible.

Reorder boards within categories, or reorder categories.

Create child boards under other boards. (sub boards)

Assign moderators to boards.

Allow certain membergroups to access a board, including guests only.

Configure permissions for each membergroup on the board level.

Ability to indicate new posts to child boards but nothing new in parent.

Member Registration

Require registration before forum entrance.

Require a user to agree to terms before they register.

Disable member registration completely (allowing only moderators to register people).

Require email authentication by sending an authentication link.

Require a moderator to approve registration.

Register new members from the admin center.

Member Navigation and Authentication

Several security checks during navigation.

Password reminder option, by email with confirmation. (doesn't automatically reset your password.)

Both cookie and session based authentication (works without cookies.)

Cookies can be set local to a path, global to all subdomains, or normally.

Adjustable expiration time for authentication cookies.

Member Tracking and Tracing

Sortable and searchable public memberlist (accessible by a permission.)

Powerful sortable and searchable admin memberlist.

Show all (error) messages and IPs made by a member. (track user)

Show all (error) messages from an IP address or range. (track IP)

See who's doing what (accessible by permission.)


Several board statistics (accessible by permission.)

Tracking of member's online time in seconds.

Tracking of topics, messages, new members, and hits per day.

Individual member statistics accessible from their profile.

News and Announcements

Ability to create announcement boards (members receive a notification of topics automatically.)

Member option to disable receiving announcements.

Email or private message your members by membergroup.

Show a news ticker or news fader.


Ability to choose sendmail or SMTP (with or without authentication.)

Ability to send a topic to a friend.

Ability to view a "printer friendly" version of topics.


Create membergroups to group members on permissions, access rights, and/or appearance.

Assign several membergroups to a single member, with one membergroup as the primary group.

Define membergroups that are auto-assigned based on the amount of posts a user has.

Determine the maximum number of personal messages a membergroup is allowed to have by group.

Assign graphical symbol(s) to a membergroup - by primary group.

Determine which membergroups are allowed to access a board.


Ban members based on their username, email address, IP address or hostname.

Support of wildcards for email address, IP address, and hostname.

Include a ban reason (viewable for the banned user).

Include a ban note (only viewable by the admins).

Chose between full ban, 'no post' ban, or registration ban.

Include an expiration time for bans.

External integration

Integrate parts of forum software into existing website using SSI or PHP.

Recent topics or posts.

Recent news posts in a board.

Recent polls.

Several forum statistics.

List of users online.

The menu bar.




Today's events/birthdays/holidays.

Export forum data using XML/RSS

Latest members.


Recent posts.

Wireless access

Support for WAP, WAP2 and I-mode protocols.

Browse through boards/topics/messages with reduced page size.

Ability to login and logout (not with WAP 1.)

Ability to see new topics/boards with new replies.

Ability to jump to first unread reply.

Ability to post new messages (not with WAP 1.)

Theming and Templating

Ability to allow or disallow your users to select their own theme.

Ability to reset all of your members to a certain theme.

Ability to install a new theme via your administration center.

Default templates are XHTML 1.0 Transitional and CSS 2.0 compliant.

Admin can add smileys and smiley sets.

Members can choose which smiley set they wish to use (or none.)

Themes can be installed by way of the "latest and greatest themes" panel.

SSI can have and show layers and the like from the template system.

Posting Features

Spell Check.

Quick Reply

Members can disable it or collapse it.

Can be used with "Quote".

Also contains "Spell Check".

Vast number of "bulletin board codes" to use (including rtl, acronym, and others.)

Optional editing grace period before a post is shown as modified.

'Insert Quote' feature on posting screen to quickly quote previous replies.


Can be added or removed to existing topics.

Ability to set expiration date.

Ability to hide results till expiration of poll.

Ability to hide results until after people have voted.

Ability to determine how many votes a user may cast.

Polls can have up to 256 options.


Allowed on a per member group or board basis.

The filename can be encrypted to increase the security (so you can upload .php files, etc.)

Optional restriction on what filetypes may be uploaded.

Ability to restrict such that only registered members can view them (disables hotlinking, mostly.)

Images can be embedded into posts.

Calendar Support

Shows Birthdays, Events and Holidays.

Display calendar information on board index.

Link an existing topic to the calendar.

Allow only certain members/groups post events.

Event poster can edit event.

Events can span multiple days.

Moderation Tools

Ability to lock and unlock a topic.

Topics which are locked by an administrator can not unlocked by anyone else.

Ability to allow members to use moderation on just topics they posted.

"Report to moderator" link.

Delete or modify posts.

Ability to Merge/Split topics.

Move or delete topics.

Sticky or unsticky topics.

Recycle bin/board for all deleted topics and posts.

Moderation log which shows moderation activity and disallows log removal outside of 1 day.

AJAX editing:

Edit a post without page reloads.

Double click to edit topic subjects on message index.

User Profiles and User Options

Ability to hide your email address from the public.

Select their favorite theme among the activated forum themes.

Select their smiley set from the ones available.

Email notification

New topics per board.

Single topics.

Private messages.

Login with 'invisible' mode.

Options to hide other members' avatars and signatures.

Ability to download and resize uploaded avatars.

Personal text, avatar, signature, and all the niceties of forums can be used and are kept up to date in all your posts.

User Resources

Icons for topics you've posted to.

Show new replies to your posts.

Collapsible 'Additional Options' on post screen.

Ability to view most recent messages.

List all topics that have new replies since your last visit.

See who is browsing the same boards or topics as you.

Topics that span multiple pages have the page numbers listed as well as an "all" link.
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Postby tigwelder56 » Mon Apr 20, 2009 2:19 am

Thanks 33! You certainly presented quite the buffet there, wow! That's a lot of information to digest and I'm sure it'll take most of us a day or two to understand a good bit of it!! LOL!! With your information, we've gone from no information or assistance to so much it's complicated to understand. Don't misunderstand me, I'm very grateful for your hard work, including the obvious efforts of your assistant's hard work. Please pass on my appreciation for all the efforts made by your group!

You've provided so much information, including processes and programs, that it'll take me a month of Sunday's to understand it all! As we've mentioned before, please keep us in the loop and thank you for your interest in improving the environment here and designing what appears to be a top notch forum in the works!

Thanks again for all of your hard work!

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Postby Tralik33 » Mon Apr 20, 2009 10:11 am

Well, most of that information pertains primarily to Admins and moderators. but some of the features are available directly to the end user. Things like user changeable themes and such may be of interest to many, but we haven't yet decided if we are going to allow all of the features to be used initially. For example, the system allows smiley's and such, but I'm considering not turning them on to keep the site looking "professional". Things like that will have to be taken into consideration as we develop the site. Anyhow, sorry for the information overload. I think you'll start to see some real progress made over the next few weeks on the site.
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Postby keyman » Tue Apr 21, 2009 7:35 pm

I don't know if you added a speed wheel to the server, or not, but everything that I click on today comes up mucho fast.

I love it . . . I just hope you can make it continue . . . thanks
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Postby tigwelder56 » Wed Apr 22, 2009 2:14 am

Hey! I did that, didn't you see me wiggling my nose? Just wait 15 minutes and my spell will wear off! LOL!! Enjoy it while you can... :)
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