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Postby SittingMooseShaman » Sat Apr 03, 2010 10:36 pm

I'm a effin' cripple

stuck in a hospitalbed for good...

though, I can make short forays out- that

I'm thankful for... Yes I praise Father even for my

loss of health and mobility... Yet, I sure know a

"BadBoy" electric woods-hog would make

dealing w/ this way-yy better... it'll never

happen... I dream a lot...it's all I can do nowdays:

I am broke and for good- till I die and

am off this s***hole of a planet.

I accept this...I still get pissed...what can I say?...

I'm out and it's all over: No job; no life... and I f***ed-up my

grande Smithy M586 87/8"bbl huntin' rig doin' a chamfering-

job on the cylinder; ruining it- a no go. Unsafe to

shoot. And I donot think the gun will ever get fixed.

I just finished greasing it up and packing it in the box

it came in back in '88...

-Got no bucks... Anyone want to trade me a M586's

6-shot cyl. (need the cylinder assembly only

[blued or ss,doesn't matter] plus a yolk screw.)

for a 10x15 cartoon illustration of whatever...

ie. I just did a thumbnail of a bunch of Confederate

soldiers up on a cliff taking dumps on Sherman

as he passes underneath. I do political satire

from nice to blue-gross...or... On Illustration board...

framed and glassed... ripping into these communist

democrats who've just about crippled freedom

in America... I fire back- with both gun and ink!
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