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Cabela's SUCKS!!!

If you are not talking about firearms or weapons, do it here.

Postby RangerRick » Wed Mar 31, 2010 5:16 pm

I too have had problems finding advertised merchandise once at the store! But you can't beat their customer service! They are breaking company policy to help me out with an issue I had with Springfield Arms. I couldn't be happier with Cabelas! They stepped up and replaced a "non-returnable" item when the manufacturer refused to fix a deffective product. Thanks again Cabelas!!
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Postby dsclaiborne31 » Sat Apr 03, 2010 7:23 am

Ranger ricks, Gun was not defective. Springfields policy is not to replace guns that work. He found some metal shavings and scrapes on the slide and barrel when new. Well he found em after shooting the gun which he should have known to break the gun down and clean it before shooting it to remove all the gunk, metal shavings, cats, dogs, whatever else got inside the gun on the way over here from croatia. But he did not do that and so he sent it to springfield after shooting it and damaging it. They filed some things down on it but the gun was still functional. They told him they dont replace working firearms and what company would? If I was the manager of that cabelas store I would have asked, did you clean the weapon prior to shooting it? If he said no I would have said well then it is your fault sorry. Also, on the springfield post ranger rick said on one post there was a "foreign object" that caused the issue. On the very next post he said there was no "foreign object" that he could see. To me that shoots his credibility all to hell. To me that is border line lies.
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Postby whitehood » Sat Apr 03, 2010 7:58 pm


I'm going to bring this thing up again and it got ugly before. There is virtually no reason to strip and clean a pistol before shooting it. Wiping it down, putting a little lube on the rails and checking the bore is just fine, but a complete field strip is not necessary and actually may not be beneficial. Sure Sig says to do it, but it's for liability issues and not for function. Virtually no pistols are packed in grease anymore, unless they're carbon steel and are blued. Almost all of them are now lightly oiled after final inspection. Most pistols now have high tech finishes and don't need grease for shipping and storage. All pistols are also proofed at the factory or in certified proof houses and inspected for defects before the proof marks are applied. If they're coming to the US they'll have US proof marks. They're also MFL tested so it's unlikely there are going to be any metal shavings at all. The newer steels and finishes make the parts fit tightly and they undergo a number of molecular changes during break in that ensure reliability. Breaking it down early could prevent this from happening correctly as originally fitted. Big time gunsmiths like Bill Wilson want at least two hundred if not more rounds through their weapons before a field strip. There's really not a lot to damage a modern pistol, especially is carries SAAMI or CIP proofs out of the box and the shooter didn't damage it by doing so.
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Postby tigwelder56 » Sun Apr 04, 2010 8:42 am

LOL!! Here we go again...
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Postby beltbuckle » Sun Apr 04, 2010 10:49 am

"There is virtually no reason to strip and clean a pistol before shooting it."

I believe that to be a pretty ignorant statement. Either all you buy are the creme De la creme guns or you haven't much experience buying new pistols. I've seen some funky stuff in a new gun that I sure don't want to have cycled through my guns.
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Postby whitehood » Sun Apr 04, 2010 11:36 am

I'll be sure and tell Bill Wilson how stupid he is. He's produced some of the best 1911's in the world and you've produced.... lets see.... nada. I didn't say not to inspect it or wipe it down. It just doesn't need a complete strip down. It's like this beltbuckle. I know what those little letters stamped on the weapons mean. It's all about knowledge. Get some or provide some educated rebuttal. Here's a question and if you can find the right answer it is lesson number one. Why do you think that the slide and frame of modern pistols are made of different steels and/or alloys or even polymers such as in the P95? If you were using older steels with blueing or even parkering, you 'd be dead right about breaking a weapon down first, but you're not.
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Postby dsclaiborne31 » Sun Apr 04, 2010 12:06 pm

White hood you can ask any gun smith out there and they will tell you to field strip and clean the weapon first. In fact I think the xd manual even says to do it as it is "packed in grease". I have a stainless steel xd 40 bitone and I can promise you it was caked in grease. In fact it smelled of lithium grease when I opened up the plastic case the gun came in.
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Postby whitehood » Sun Apr 04, 2010 12:23 pm

Any gunsmith? That's a rather broad statement. Sorry I don't know who "any" is. I looked at the XD manual and unless I missed something it doesn't say that. I'd say if the thing is covered in grease clean it, but hardly any of them are. The proofs will tell the story and they don't lie or make up stuff. Yugoslavia was a member of CIP, but I don't know if Croatia is. The previous CIP proof house was in Serbia. If it carries a CIP proofmark it probably wasn't packed in grease and it wouldn't be a lawful weapon in any EU or member country.
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Postby Blackrifle » Sun Apr 04, 2010 4:24 pm

Hey Whitey, you've got all the boys pissed off again! You're pretty good at stirring shit up, aren't you? Yes! BeltBuckle's statement mentioned the creme de la creme. If I may BeltBuckle, I believe that a custom gun from Wilson or Brown would probably fall into that category. Whitey, you must spend all your money on high end custom guns, not production models that are inspected in lots or batches. Not every gun is thoroughly inspected. They're fired once as required, if it goes bang, they hose them down with an anti corrosion agent and are wrapped up, along with that single shell casing. I have seen things in new production guns that absolutely needed to be removed before firing. Some come lightly lubricated, others with nothing but a quick external spray of something to ward off flash rusting. Sure, you can go ahead and simply load and go, but how difficult is it to field strip it, inspect it, clean the factory goo off and then lubricate it? What's the harm? You keep referring to all the Proofs as though they're some sort of sign from God that the gun is good. All that proves to me is that the guy had it on his table and left his mark. Big deal, he could be a lazy slug for all you know. CIP is mandatory in countries outside of the USA and surprisingly enough the US proof house requirements are elective/voluntary! SAAMI publishes the standards approved by ANSI. I guess we don't place alot of importance on civilian proof houses. A quick search found this statement by Randy Wakeman on current CIP proofing and I quote:

"This is where the problems have crept in regarding the so-called "Cheap Charlie" guns perpetrated on the public by Traditions and CVA / Winchester Muzzleloading / New Frontier ("B.P.I."). Made in Spain, the guns are proofed by a C.I.P. proof house, but to the very lowest level allowed in order to get the soft barrels out of the country, and into Cabela's, BassPro, and Wally World. That pressure level has been the 700 kiloponds per cm2 stamped right on the barrels, an archaic term that translates to a bit less than 10,000 PSI."

I can't positively say they don't make up things or lie. What I can find are instances where they do as little as they absolutely have to. In the process they flood the US market with shit. I don't think much of the CIP Proof Houses at all. At least SAAMI and ANSI while elective are regulated and believeable when referenced. The EU has too many Chiefs and lots of Indians that think they're Chiefs. Their credibility is questionable in my book. What each country or manufacturer does amongst the CIP Commission is supposed to be standardized requirements. Before the main commission can act, the two sub commissions have to establish their own set of rules. Everyone learns to tie their shoes but each one uses a different knot. By the time it gets to the main commission they're so confused nobody gets their shoes tied and they trip. That's the European way. So I wouldn't place the CIP involvement terribly high on my list of organizations.
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Postby whitehood » Sun Apr 04, 2010 5:05 pm

You have to admire greatness in any form which means me. CIP proofing carries weight because it has the force of law behind it. SAAMI is strictly voluntary. BTW if memory serves me under CIP they're fired at least twice. It's more if the weapons selected are known to be used under extreme conditions. Guns shipped here are well inspected because of the scum called trial lawyers in this country.

Any ideas when we're going to make our trip together BFF?
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