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My reply to line#7 in TEXVETNAM-68s' Hagjl

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My reply to line#7 in TEXVETNAM-68s' Hagjl

Postby SittingMooseShaman » Wed Feb 24, 2010 8:42 pm

At my age,condition and mood-

I no longer offer any more apologetics:

'They' jes ain't worth it any more...

I'm presuming the lady is from Harvard,

middle-aged and well attired...

"Hey hag, you bring a gas-mask wit' cha?"

"Harr-rrumph... I beg your pardon?!"

She indignantly snuffed.

"I most certianly did not!"

The elitist dowager replied.

"Well, yah shoulddah!..."

Said I, through a thin, evil grin of ill satisfaction.

"I'm loaded from lunch... an' I jes' dropped

a squabblin' an' steamin' 3-bean jalapeno burrito fart

not too far off... an' its' got a solid bearin'

on y'ih fo'kissel..."

"aww- wauuk!" I winced as I strolled off

with my walker...

"Hoo- wag-ggh...ukk! Thad-'un drop a 'gator

atta' hunnert paces!!"

Now we'll see how violent these

'LeftWingScrews' can really become...
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