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LeftWing Conspiracy: Savage Attack of Republican

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LeftWing Conspiracy: Savage Attack of Republican

Postby SittingMooseShaman » Thu Apr 15, 2010 4:17 pm

.This past Friday: 4/13/2010; afternoontime ...

New Orleans, Louisiana- French Quarter-

Brennans' Restaurant .

.A fundraising dinner(10 g's a plate)

for Louisiana Governor, Bobby Jindal.

.Victims: Allee Bautch; Chief campaign fundraiser

for Southern Republican Leadership Conference (SRLC)

: Joe Brown; Alles' BF

.For duration of meeting dozens of college students

raged, cursed, "fuck you'd and "motherfuckered"

loudly with signs of similiar language and blew those

damn whistles... as well as accosted guests and regular

customers of the restaurant.

. The puppet-students continued with these

Marxist/Democrat tatics...

. As the afternoon progressed,

the M/D party thug goon squad showed up.

. The goon squad loitered around until guests

began to leave. They waited until Allee and Joe

came out.

. One of the goons hollered, "...There they are...

with the Palin pins!"

. The goon squad then attacked and ran down the

pair as they tried to flee-

The goons then beat, stomped and kicked the

two young GOP leaders. and left them there

on the street, badly injured.

. Allee suffered multiple fractures to her leg

( by 'curbing' ner leg) plus scrapes and bruses.

. Joe recieved: Broken nose, broken jaw,

concussion, cuts and bruses.

.Hamburgh Germany, 1935: Hitlers' BrownShirts

savagely beat Jews and ransack their shops...

. East Germany, USSR 1961: Stalins' KGB

shoots young teen to death as he attempts

escape through barbed-wire barrier which

divides East Berlin from Freedom in the West.

Mouselinni, Castro, Mao, Ho Chi Mihn, et uck...

Take your pick of Socialists...

They're ]b]ALL[/b] the same.


... And they've now shown they are STARTED!!

The walking, talking shit at the national medias'

command refused to run with the story.

I found the attacks' account on my

Vision for Americas' Yahoo web-alert.

The Marxist/Democrat Party have now gone

physically violent.

And ...NO cops were to be seen in the various

videos as those puppet-stupidstudents raged

...and the Marxist/Democrat GoonSquad Thugs


I'll fight them- to the death!!!
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