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You Tube Video - MUST SEE!

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You Tube Video - MUST SEE!

Postby tigwelder56 » Mon May 17, 2010 1:55 pm

A member pointed this out and recommended it's viewing. It's about an upcoming Hollywood movie called "Machete". It's another liberal Hollywood attack on America. That state needs to break off and float out to sea...

That's one volatile damn movie. Did you see all of the liberal actors that are in that movie? It figures that Hollywood would be behind something so damaging to this country. If that movie is shown in this country, it's going to ignite a fire storm between the races. These types of films have been made throughout history and they have done exactly what the film makers desired. They all drove a wedge between the races.

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Postby GOANRA » Mon May 17, 2010 3:06 pm

Great link by Ron40, Very familiar theme of instigating racial predjudice. This exact type of propaganda worked VERY well for Hitler, Stalin, Castro, Che, Mao and their ilk to anger and incite people and create a "crisis" for the purpose of dismissing our Constitutional Rights [for our own good].

Illegals 'revolting' againgst U.S. [Arizona] immigration laws... It's so blatantly obvious this was D.C. approved &/or funded... but they think [and often say] 'we-the-people' are stupid. I am sure getting tired of being called "stupid" by my government.

Invaders vs American citizens ... made to look righteous.

How to stop these Marxists/Facists in our government?
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