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Postby HenryLeverAction » Mon Jul 05, 2010 1:03 pm

Sorry for not replying earlier. Summer has gotten me busy, and I hope everyone has been enjoying the warm sunny weather and has had a great independence day weekend.

Yes, all matter in the world wants to reach equilibrium. And all matter, or substances, will use its energy to reach that equilibrium. The oil gushing out of the hole down there is trying to reach a balance, that's why its gushing out at such high pressures. Take for example when you open a 2 liter of soda, you hear that "Pssht". The Soda is using its energy to reach equilibrium. If you shake the soda up and then open it, it gushes out. Kinda like the oil down there lol : )

I have heard reports of the government putting chemicals of some sort to try and make the dead wildlife from floating to shore and instead, sinking to the bottom. Heck, this sounds far fetched so I really doubt it. But yes, the oil is now inside the ocean and in some time will hit currents that take the water to other places in the ocean (in time it will).

I don't know the temperature of the waters down there but I believe it is hot. I'm not sure though.

In worldview class, we were discussing some of the affects that the oil spill has had on us and what our country should be doing from a Christian worldview. We first discussed what SHOULD happen if we were being led by a Christian president.

1. National day of prayer for God to help us decide what to do to fix the oil spill.

2 Alongside the scientists, have a pastor talk on the news and give an answer from a Biblical view.

There were other points that were thrown out there but those were the main 2. We then moved into the topic of what Obama and our country have been doing from a very secular humanist point of view.

1. Throw enough money at it and it will get fixed.

2. Blame everyone and not try to fix it. Just get money to fix it.

Has this been very affective? maybe we should try another worldview.
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