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V.Bernardelli-Gardone v.t. auto 22 long-berv.

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V.Bernardelli-Gardone v.t. auto 22 long-berv.

Postby wesley1954 » Tue Sep 28, 2010 5:18 am

want to buy a very good 22 auto long v.bernardelli-gardone v.t. auot 22 long-berv. hand gun .made in italy ? and any parts that go with it like holster and spare clips and case it come in . i really would like one of these,s thank you and hope you can help me ? and with that i say GOD BLESS YOU , any way . from mr.wess PS. would like a blued one but would do the other if thats all there is . thank you . END OF LINE . USA/USN/ LIFER VFW/DDG-36 TINCAN SAILOR MAN OR WAS !
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