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george armstrong

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george armstrong

Postby janice » Sun Nov 05, 2006 7:10 pm

Hello, I have no particular interest in guns to be honest, but I would like to find George Armstrong with whom I once worked. Just to see if he survived this world and how life has been to him. He is a damn fine editor, an expert in photography (the old-fashioned kind at least) and regarding guns. He is controversial and difficult in some ways, but I learned a great deal from him, never forgot that and always wished I knew where he was so I could reach out once in a blue moon (which he would have given me the facts about, had he heard me mention it).

George was originally from Brandon Manitoba, and I met him In Lewisporte Newfoundland.

So - am I on the right track here George?

Again, apologies to those of you looking for an detailed and intense gun discussion. If the George Im seeking were here, he would certainly give you that.

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