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Buy ammo in PA

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Buy ammo in PA

Postby JERRYB » Sun Sep 20, 2009 9:00 pm

I am a Jersey guy, wondering if I can legally buy ammo at a gun show in Pennsylvania. What do I need to show them? Thanks
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Postby beltbuckle » Mon Sep 21, 2009 2:24 pm

To the best of my knowledge it's not illeagal to purchase ammunition out of state so long as you do not bring back any restricted ammunition and make sure there's not a limit that you can bring back across your state lines.

I'm sure You will need to provide proof of idenitfication just like you do in your home state such as a drivers license. 18 for shotgun and rifle ammo, 21 for handgun ammunition.

Are you far enough outside of NYC to buy ammo online?

I must stress - I am not a lawyer and I'm not familiar with the laws of your state. Do your research - there's plenty of firearms law reference.
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Postby tigwelder56 » Mon Sep 21, 2009 4:10 pm

That's good advice BB. I was irritated when I wrote that last post! Could you tell? LOL! (since removed). I had been doing some reading on the differing laws in the liberal northeast and it never ceases to amaze me just how many useless, stupid laws are written by those liberal politicians. A simple misunderstanding of a regulation can end up with felony gun or ammunition charges. There's case after case of gun charges being brought against people because they didn't interpret the regulation right. Instead of using common sense in the majority of these cases, they have mandatory sentences for the simplest things. That's something I would be very careful of when traveling through that area. Transporting guns or ammunition across several of those state lines can really get you into hot water! I wouldn't even entertain the idea if I had any other means available. By far the easiest and safest method is as you mentioned, online. I do know that the most recommended method of finding out these individual laws and regulations is to contact the State Police agencies in the locations in question.
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Postby Rescuelurch » Sat Mar 13, 2010 6:12 pm

When thinking guns and ammo, unless you pay the $100 a year and go through all the BS, stay the hell out of Mass. I live in RI, just over the border. I started going to an indoor range in Mass just over the line just so I could stay dry shooting. When I called the range to ask what I needed to do to bring my weapons there, I was told just separate the ammo and weapons, make sure the weapons have locks on them and there shouldn't be any problems. I carry concealed almost all the time, so I try to get range time once a week. I went there for about a month and on the way out one day, I went to purchase some ammo to refresh my supply at home. The guy at the desk said I could buy all the ammo I want as long as I use it there. In order to purchase handgun ammo, I had to show a license to carry from Mass.

On another day I went with the family and some friends to Gillette Park or mall or whatever they call it near Gillette Stadium. There is a huge Bass Pro store there. I asked to see one of the weapons and first thing out of his mouth was I need to see your mass ltc. Ok won't be checking out any weapons here. Then I started looking at some ammo. Same guy tells me you can't handle any ammo.

Then someone told me that I shouldn't be bringing ANY weapons into Mass under any circumstances without a Mass document. This was someone I trusted to know what he was talking about. I decided to call the Mass state police and ask them. The didn't even try to answer my questions. It seems as though there is a state department that is the only ones that are allowed to answer any questions concerning out of state firearms documents or regs.

I called the number I was given and started asking what I wanted to know legally. First question was what do I have to do to bring a firearm into the state to go to a Mass range. Answer: you can't unless you are going to a recognized and sanctioned competition. I then asked if it made any difference if I had a RI ltc. Nope, that is the only exception except as long as you don't stop anywhere in the state, you can drive THROUGH the state with your firearm. The penalties are arrest, say by by to whatever weapons you have with you, and don't plan anything for the next year because there is a mandatory one year sentence, NO EXCEPTIONS!

I used to live in Mass and had a ltc. At the time(early 80's) it wasn't all that bad. Things sure have changed! Keep in mind, I was talking to the only department it seems that can answer your questions. So if your driving through Mass on the way somewhere and nature calls, whatever you do, don't stop in Mass if you have ANY weapons with you.
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