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Visit to Nevada

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Postby 6.5NJS » Tue Mar 02, 2010 7:58 pm

Hi Gents

Well its agreed we are returning next year for the show!

This time more planning and research before we come and if my wife behaves hopefully some spending money.

Things still getting worse over here and word of more US imposed restrictions on what we can get our hands on. New restictions include scopes over 4 power with any reticule other than duplex will be considered military based and banned for export, same goes for stocks with drop mag capability. Then there is all the anti gun rubbish over here.

I must own up the idea of moving over has been considered and all that freedom does appeal , but I am already into 3 figures on the gun collection and working in a firearms dealerships not helping, if it was any easier I would be bankrupt.


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