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Firing range in Northern Indiana

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Firing range in Northern Indiana

Postby Trick_McDave » Wed May 12, 2010 4:42 am


My name is Andreas Bertschi, I came across your website while googling for a firing/shooting range in Indiana.

My friends and I would like to go shooting in Indiana on Thu 5/20/2010 and are seeking a suitable place.

We're are looking for a place where we can shoot handguns and/or rifles, preferably outdoors. We all have

expirience with rifles since we come frome a country where military service is mandatory by the Constitution

(Switzerland, we all have a personal SIG SG 550 assault rifle, of course everybody has proper ID [passport]).

We're looking for a firing range where we can shoot different handguns/rifles for a day either by a flat fee

or by range prices. If the range requires, we get an instructor for a day, or a 'day pass' (if this exist).

We have basic ear protection but no goggles, if the range's is offerting it, we'll get it from there.

Our goal is to have a nice and safe day shooting. Either with a paid instructor or on our own on the range.
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Postby tigwelder56 » Wed May 12, 2010 4:32 pm

Hello Andreas,

Welcome to our forum. I think you'll have better luck finding a range in Indiana by checking with the businesses listed on our website that advertise them. Take a look at this information and determine what's closest to the area you'll be staying in. Click this to open that page: http://www.gundirectory.com/local.asp?searchType=12&popState=IN Good luck!
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Postby Kodiakrange » Tue Jun 14, 2011 4:33 pm

Kodiak Firing Range & Training Facility, Inc. www.kodiakrange.com. Features 2 ranges, moving steel targets and 1,000 live fire shoothouse. Only lead free frangible ammunition is allowed for obvious reasons.
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