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M1 Garand's in S. Korea

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M1 Garand's in S. Korea

Postby hammerdrop » Mon Nov 19, 2012 9:32 pm

Dear friends,

I wanted to let you know about a new petition I created on We the People,
a new feature on WhiteHouse.gov, and ask for your support. Will you add your
name to mine? If this petition gets 25,000 signatures by December 16, 2012,
the White House will review it and respond!

We the People allows anyone to create and sign petitions asking the Obama
Administration to take action on a range of issues. If a petition gets

enough support, the Obama Administration will issue an official response.

You can view and sign the petition here:


Here's some more information about this petition:

M1 Garand's in South Korea
Allow the import of M1 Garand rifle's being held in South Korea.
These rifle's should be available to the american people.
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Re: M1 Garand's in S. Korea

Postby GOANRA » Sun Feb 17, 2013 1:57 pm

hammerdrop, I agree with you there and have contacted D.C. through various channels.

Our reps in D.C. are 'protecting us' from these WWII relics, so we just have to be happy buying ARs & AKs, instead.

Great Rifles; maybe the N. Koreans will buy them instead.
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