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Scammers & European/British Link

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Scammers & European/British Link

Postby tigwelder56 » Sun Jun 10, 2007 6:53 pm

It seems that there are a number of people being solicited by people across the Atlantic. I recently was approached by a French citizen looking for a pistol. Specifically asked for a "semi auto pistole" and wanted me to arrange for shipment. I explained after his second attempt that it was illegal and recommended he contact a international arms dealer. I figured that was as good a place as any to send him. There are others here that have been approached by English citizens looking for firearms. All the literature I've been able to read indicates that Britain passed legislation in 1997 that all but eliminated their right to own handguns and many long arms. There is a possibility that a collector may have additional rights but it's a difficult thing to get. Other forum messages seem to indicate scams being waged via Great Britain. I'll do some looking and see just what they are and post back. But should you receive requests for weapons or the sale of them from Britain or anywhere else over there, be sure you're dealing with someone honest and be certain of the legal issues involved.

The British pro gun lobby is indicating that since the 1997 gun ban was implemented, the violent crime rate has climbed extremely fast, with armed home invasions and street muggings almost tripling in number. The most outrageous part of this legislation was the British government promising to protect their citizens from crime, thus the reason to confiscate their firearms. They added to this law that from then on it would be illegal for a citizen to bring harm to a burglar or robber! UK householders who injure a home invader are often hauled up on charges! Can you believe that crap? Business owners are suffering huge losses now from smash and grab armed bandits but can't protect themselves without being arrested. The illegal gun market in Britain is running wild and is said to be quite profitable. It seems all the crooks want a gun and are willing to try anything to get one. Don't let them try and talk you into shipping one to them with offers of cash. I guess the UK is or has already implemented strict controls on other weapons, such as knives, air guns and pepper spray. They have stripped the Brit's off all their weapons and rights to defend themselves now. The same thing is happening in Australia and everywhere else that have implemented these draconian gun control laws. The anti gun crusaders in the USA and the United Nations needs to be reminded of these statistics every time they open their mouth! This is what's ahead of us if we don't put a stop to them.
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