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Gun Laws

Get informed and debate about civil rights and legal issues such as concealed carry, self-defense, and gun control.

Postby gbshive » Wed Dec 15, 2010 5:13 pm

The NRA is great in keeping us abreast of what is going on in the state legislature and the congressman and senators to contact and give your input. Right now, S2190 should be reviewed and the above contacted for starters!
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Postby gbshive » Wed Dec 15, 2010 5:15 pm

That last post was for Rocket in NJ, not you Tig :) Unless you feel the need to get involved in NJ from Florida.
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Postby tigwelder56 » Wed Dec 15, 2010 7:27 pm

Trust me GB, I stick my foot in the door every time and everywhere it's necessary! The NRA is an excellent source for help and information, not to mention their endless work to protect our gun rights and the 2nd Amendment. Another good source is the Gun Owners of America (GOA). They have the best legislative section on their website of anyone. They keep us informed of any legislation and who, when and where to make your position known.
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Postby roncodrummer » Sun Jan 02, 2011 12:56 am

To Rocket in NJ, here in Illinois, we have a very limited carry law called the "6 Seconds to Safety" law which allows an Illinois FOID card-carrying citizen to have a firearm in his car or on his person as long as it is not loaded and it is locked in a case( be it a gun case, glove box, console, purse,fanny pack, etc.). Ammunition for this weapon can be carried along with the firearm IN THE SAME CASE. It is legislators reasoning that in the event of a life-threatening situation, you can unlock the box, pull your weapon, load it, ready it, and fire on an intruder in a six-second period. Just better hope your ass that the perp has to go through the same crap you do before deciding on attacking you. It is better than a no-carry law but still falls short of MY interpretation of the 2nd amendment.
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Postby SittingMooseShaman » Wed Jan 05, 2011 2:27 pm

ALL of these "laws" are contrary to

"shall not be infringed"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They ARE!

The American Communists, Revised Nazis, Assimilated European-cum-American Marxists/Communists/Socialist Democrats/Socialist Workers/Socialist Union Workers/Socialist-Capitalist(ie. "Big Al" Gore)[really! 'at's wot they're called!!]/and last but not least- 'honest'-to-'goodness'- NAZIS... They(Euro-Socialism) came here beginning in earnest during the Antebellum era then with the great immigrations during the 'teens...

Then post-WWI... Lookit the Depression era- Everything was goin' socialist and the commies historically, want armed citizens-

GONE!! So, agreeing, does the "Capitalist Pig!"


These 'Euro-Marxists'(all are variations of the European socialists' 'message' of communism, labor/union-socialism, national-socialism[nazi- nationalsozialism])

It's,Their shit! Not ours!!

Socialists are not hallmarked by soldiers marching or cops bashing in doors to arrest their enemies! N O!!

Modern-day Socialists are college educated and most of 'em hold law degrees!

THEY(Euro-Socialists), for the most part, ARE THESE('OUR') PRESENT-DAY "liberal/leftist'POLITICIANS'(NOT "statesmen"), LAWYERS,COLLEGE PROFS, PUBLIC HIGHSCHOOL TEACHERS, PUBLIC PRIMARY SCHOOL TEACHERS, UNION BOSSES, HORDES OF BUREAUCRATS[most of whom and their organisation, violate Constitutional boundaries set to protect "We the People" from their very departments' intrusions and et. m....

Euro-Marxism has corrupted our nations' set laws of "States' Rights"

Euro-Marxism has corrupted the right of a state to guide their own educational criteria and forced them through financial trickery to extoll the fabric of Marxism upon our childrens' minds- from K to grade12...

The university is politically polluted.

They possess whatever the "media" is...

Marxist/Capitalists, historically, sooner or later PWNED their respective nations' police and military!! And it is happening HERE IN THE NATIONS' CAPITOL- COLUMBIA: THE 'DISTRICT'

On down to the local cop.

I feel for our true Cops, Army, Navy, Air Force,Coast Guard and absolutely NOT the least- MARINES!

Semper Fi!!! DO OR DIE!!!!

Plus ALL of our Spec-Ops Guys!

They all shall have hard decisions soon to make...

I've made mine.

As a Free Man!


When they have all of a nations' arms- all hell

breaks lose upon the people!!

Jailed, sent to 'camps' or just simply 'disappear'...

Look at all which they('new' democrats indies & rino's) have done already!!!

It's firkin' sobering and frightening!

We are at that time the Founders spoke of.

The destruction force from within- An imported governmental form and philosophy- not a foreign army or king...but, A POLITICAL PARTY!

Personally... I SHALL NOT surrender even one


I'd rather DIE A FREEMAN than be a 'New-Age' SLAVE under these 'New' Democrats...

The 'Old' Democrats WERE THE SLAVERS AND SLAVE-OWNERS of early America!!

They're returning to their partys'philosophical 'roots' with Marxism entwined for an even greater insult towards our freedom!

A slave-master controlled his slaves food, clothing, shelter, medicine,(if any) and medical treatment, 'family' or 'breeding'(this term's been heard and spoken in high levels of US bureaucracies more often nowadays)... and where he can and cannot go...

This is harsh shit![Enio Gonzalez, ennyone?]

It's tough enough for our nations' governance to operate according to our Constitutions' provision.

As we Americans tend to quarrell between the

"Conservatives" and the "Liberals" living in America...

Now this poisonous philosophy has extended its' bloody, dark tendrils deep into Americas' vitals...

Causing the politico to become so corrupt and eroded

they have chosen to cast aside Constitutional Articles which govern presidential eligibility and then flaunt it for all the world to see their criminality and thus severly to weaken the nations' veracity... A mockery as Roman the

sale of the throne... Every nation on earth knows

your sin...

"Free Thinking" is the Hallmark of our Constitution-

As little Gov't intrusion as humanly and legally possible...

"Suspicion" The 4th Amendment? Is such merely, empty words of an old and forgotten statement

written upon some dusty manuscript

secreted away in a museum

Any citizen can have their doors bashed-in today as these TRULY NAZI 'laws' & bureaucratic enforcers carry out the desires of A POLITICAL PARTY RATHER THAN THE "WILL OF THE PEOPLE!"

The EuroMarxistDemocrazi Party & the BigPig MoneyGOPers have so far successfully convoluted every Constitutional

law & article to their favor!!!

Biden is even at it NOW!!

He's making his anti-Armed American Citizen

statement- Even though he violates OUR Civil Rights!!!

@ this very moment he's attempting to destroy rules within the Senate which give minority party an equalizing force outside of committee...

His(Biden) wording is so obviously stinking two-faced, twisted and full of duality he should

be arrested for sedition!!



They have become THIS FOUL, BLATENTLY



... Who are totally hostile

towards the Constitution- Its' intents and meanings!

Wot a bunch of reprobates!!

And some are proud of it...

NEVER before- in the USofAs' history;

Even as regarding the many accounts of

Americas' sins of having had slavery... the

War Between the States which followed...

including the intolerance displayed, even today,

towards those fellow Americans-set free to live.

The many cruel mistreatments of the American Indian-

plus the varied in-fighting within territories and state , terrible as these all were...

Plus two World Wars and others, though

lesser in dimensions of size- never in it's

inherent horrors experienced-

Has this nations' "Supreme Law of the Land": The Constitution; Which gives Nationhood and Steadfast Law to "We the People" (NOT "WE THE 'PARTY'(s)!")...

to the

very content and existence of


Civil wars have been instigated and ignited on even half of what has so far occurred in these United States!!

What in Hell are 'they' doing!?!

In the Name of Our Constitutions' Authority:


... before 'events', which historically nearly always

follow such darkened behavior from a nations' misled authorities and tunnel-vision'd leader(s)...

of all the souls concerned-

render it too late...

Wot a rant! Huh?!

It's true, though...

Shit, I'd wish to be making this stuff up!

It's happened- It's happening!

I mean, like sure our technology and societal

customs, outlook, education( 1st worlds'...)

and the such have advanced...

It's what people with power do!

Look at the chicanery, treasons, dirty-

dealing, robbery, cheating, back-stabbing

attacks of war, deceptions, murder,

betrayals... every wickedness of men

and women in power are revealed in

the books of history...

sure there are some good and kind acts

here & there... However, bad is more


Our leaders may not perform the exact physical

incidents of history as was once done...

Heh,heh... The same exact parts

of the HUMAN BRAIN are still

in full operation!!!!

The brain is still of the same dimensions!


Ain't changed much... Time may have

changed the order of mankinds' societies.

But, it hasn't changed the brains' structure that


The 'wicked' part is still the 'wicked' part.

Function cares not for what occurrs on

outside the 'shell' It's still the very same

electronics Mungg the Kaboohl had to

deal with 10,000 years ago...

So then....

These guys'll stop @ nothing in order to crush OUR Great "Bill of Rights"...

The Dems twist definitions, break legal boundaries with 'lawyer-ese' and outright contradiction as their media partners cover-up and/or ignore obvious convolution of OUR laws



What these 'party-first' politicians are doing is really


And The Democrats have the unmitigated gall to portray their Party and behaviors as 'ones for peace,' the 'seekers of wisdom' and followers of the way of 'peace.'


You 'Democrats' and BPMGOPers would have others to cast the blood for your 'clean' hands' sake...

You stand in the noonday sun- naked for all to see! Those who follow you are damned for their own choice made; Knowing the truth and to still, follow.

Them who resist... To Glory over this sedition from within the very bowels of this foregone administration


Administering what?

You (Euro-Marx-O'Democrazis)are as a preacher who redefines his 'God' at every

different place he visits!!

You play legalese games with the straightforewardness

of the Constitution and twist her Articles' and Amendments' meanings to favor your corrupted partys' vile favour.

You ALL are temporal...


The Constitution is "...For the Ages!"

Sen. Biden! You have NO legitimate position to make!


There is no 'permanence' to the body of your argument.

That "body" of the Senate IS TEMPORAL!

They are voted 'in.'

And voted 'out.'


Or... are deceased.

Your point is legally moot and dead.
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Postby tigwelder56 » Wed Jan 05, 2011 7:45 pm

Hey Moose, could you expound on your position?
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Democracy is two wolves and one sheep voting on what to have for dinner. Liberty is one well armed sheep contesting the vote! --The Sheep
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Postby SittingMooseShaman » Fri Jan 07, 2011 12:26 am

... urrf.

It'll take a few days to refuel after that one...

... gives me headaches...

God, I miss those days back when these issues were as distant as Pluto and completely ridiculous...

I'd simply go out w/my .177 Diana or the ol' Winchester pump .22 and hunt squirrels n' rabbits...

This... isn't 'progress.'

It's a historys' repetitive unlearned lesson.
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Postby roncodrummer » Fri May 06, 2011 8:07 am

Geeez, what do we have to do here in Illinois to get the chance to protect ourselves with a CCW law????? Shot down again yesterday. And then the mayor of Chicago has nagoochies enough to request a contingent of body guards to protect him and his family after office. Feel unsafe, mr. mayor? Welcome to the rest of the law-abiding citizens of Illinois! And the alderman in Chicago all have concealed weapons permits!!!! Talk about a political double-standards.
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Postby FLOTUS » Fri May 06, 2011 2:17 pm

Tig, love your dry reply to MooseShaman.

Love you, Moose... you're awesome! You should start your own forum, just so you can publically let it all out. Call the forum, "Fireside Chats with the Shaman" or "Pass the Peace Pipe of Enlightenment."

Roncodrummer, I'm a musician. I'm assuming you are also, due to your alias. Loved your comment. I feel your pain.
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Postby roncodrummer » Sat May 07, 2011 4:49 pm

@FLOTUS- Yep, been playing professionally for 34 years and counting. Someday maybe Illinois will get it right.
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