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Postby GOANRA » Mon Mar 29, 2010 1:17 pm

I checked out http://www.gop.com/firepelosi/ but I think she is determined to become the next Chairman of the USSA.

The government took over the auto-makers, banks, Our Social Security went officially bankrupt last week, Medicare & Medicaid don't legally exist anymore under HC bill [but claims will be paid until the mid-term elections], the president is making official appointments without [required] approval from the Senate... he doesn't even ask anymore!!

Folks are angry, though. Sen. McCain may lose his seat, the people 'remember' how he supported the TARP funds.

The people seem to want ALL the incumbents out and to REINSTATE a REPRESENTATIVE GOVERNMENT again.

God Help Us.
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Postby tigwelder56 » Mon Mar 29, 2010 1:45 pm

I guess the question now is, what's it going to take to put a stop to these people? As you said, they aren't even asking anymore. As far as I'm concerned we no longer live in a democracy or democratic republic. It's a tyrannical, socialist take over of the USA. When does our Constitution and Bill of Rights kick in and help put a stop to this shit? If our elected officials won't do their job, can't the Judicial Branch of government step in and tell these idiots that they can't do this? Damn, if someone doesn't put the brakes on these people, the damage will be so extensive, it'll take decades to recover from. That's assuming they can be stopped sometime soon. We've all watched this happen, believing that it has to stop soon but instead it's gaining speed at an exponential rate. There has to be a point where we can legally refuse to recognize the Obama Administration as our legitimate government. What say you?
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Postby Rescuelurch » Fri Apr 02, 2010 12:57 am

Someone sent me an email today showing the percentage of cabinet and other people that past presidents have appointed that actually have experience in real business, and not politics or non profit orgs. This comes from Investor's business dailyPresidents like Wilson, Harding, F. Roosevelt, Truman, Even GW Bush were all around 50% or better. President Obamas percentage, 8%!! These are the people who want to take over all our private companies! I truly hope that when these people come up for re-election, It won't be like past years, people with short memories or they do something popular and get re-elected. Of the top three people in the white house, non of the first three (Obama, Biden, Pelosi)people have a clue how the hell to run a business let alone a country as big as ours! How the hell DOES the judiciary let them mutilate our Constitution? Doesn't anyone know how the hell to impeach?? All three of them have been caught in serious lies. Then again, look at all the Dems bailing already. The writing is on the wall. I just wish we could rush it along. I don't know how many go along with this, but we need new blood, not career politicians. There is no doubt in my mind at all, Sarah Palin would have done a better job. Anyone who gave everyone in their state a $10,000 check every year cannot do worse.
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Postby SittingMooseShaman » Sat Apr 03, 2010 11:59 pm

Stalin was a friggin writer...

Hitler was a painter- a landscape painter...

The French Revolution was led by

unemployed Parisian painters, writers and poets...

Karl Marx leached off Engles his entire

con-artist welfaresque life...and screw the commie pig who wrote-up the bio on Wickipedia for Karl- BLZBUB- Marx!

A Brit commie...Marx did not form the British

Communist Party...He joined it: This poison

already existed...

He simply wrote that partys' manifesto,

though he never created the party...I think the Royals

founded it- in order to keep a lid of control

on Englands' merchants, who were growing exceedingly

rich and powerful from the Industrial Revolution.

So America,... a French ally... and revolutionary

enemy... A little pay-backfrom the

King of England and his family-

for losses from the Revolution?

It adds-up...as the years pass by and things

become more clear... Look at England now!

A totalitarian nation in the making...Just like back

in the day...

Get the picture?

The American Revolutionaries were farmers, smiths,

forest-men, pitch, ink and lacquer makers,

judges, publishers, lawyers, sea-men, carpenters-

butcher, baker and candle-stick makers...and powder/ball/

musket-makers. WorkingMen! Who actually

worked for their bread! God fearing men.

Yes, they had some big flaws- the worst being slavery.

Even though there were abolitionists- the greatest

being James Madison: Who authored the Bill of Rights!

The evil of the time still prevailed- as human nature

so often does...

Slavery, a cultural horror of inequality.

It has taken a lot of time...

Yet, racism is finally and progressively

being evolved out of the American society

and experience...

This is an on-going process of the mind!

However, a turn towards communism- a philosophy

of revenge, destruction and iron-fisted control-

is only going to destroy all the progress

which has been made-through the natural and spiritual adaptation, procession and progression

of free humanminds.

Communism/socialism is a forced

ideology; an abomination of desolation!

It's an un-naturalendeavour: A corruption against

the very freedom of our Constitutional democratic

governance and jurisprudence.

A dehydration of the living structure within

our living American culture...

Pelosies' Poisonous 'political party-first' venom...
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Postby SittingMooseShaman » Sun Apr 04, 2010 12:25 am

"Don't Tread On Me!"


Remove from office.

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Postby whitehood » Sun Apr 04, 2010 11:45 am

Rescue lurch is dead on. The present adminstration has the lowest percentage of people who have actually run something other than their mouths.
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