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Just Who is Obama?

Get informed and debate about civil rights and legal issues such as concealed carry, self-defense, and gun control.

Postby SittingMooseShaman » Sat Mar 27, 2010 2:33 am

Now some are calling Obama the Antichrist.

When I was younger, Nixon held that

dubious and dark mantle...


So did Kennedy, Kruschev and any

leader who cast grey shadows...

Jesus even called Peter "Satan"

...well, actually He called him

'adversary' for putting up a fuss over

Jesus' coming arrest and crucifixion...


Y'ih know... if someone clobbers the

Chief as described in the Bible and some

BLZ-Bubber 'monk' heals the [fatal] wound...

Then, for sure, the 'criteria' has been met.

And... it's the "EndTimes" on BLZ-Boulevard Earth!

The Seven-headed BLZ-dragon will come blasting

into Babylon DeeCee driving a flaming Peterbuilt

California Hauler- hmm, I gotta draw and paint

this rig out... Lotsa chrome... rainbow-nickle

job on the pipes... Candy-apple and clear-

coat paint... jet black base with deep cyan flakes...

flames of iridescent burgundy and airbrushed

sunburst flames of red,orange,yellow and moms-of-

pearl fire-white striping outlining the flames...

Chrome BLZ-Babes on the flaps, grille, tanks

and pipe heat-shields...black-tint glass w/black

chrome trimmed slammed visor on a

chopped cab w/extended sleeper...

All lights are led and blacked-out...

I don't care if the devil's driving this rig-

he's payin' 275 grand for this body and paint!

A real BLZ Bub truckload of pure trouble!

YAAAAA! It's... BLZ' Bama!!

[that's a J.T. Chick Bible tract, "YAAAAA."]
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Postby whitehood » Sat Mar 27, 2010 10:25 am

Putting it bluntly moose get off the pipe because it's clouding your judgement. Obama and his minions have a history of being anti-gun and anti-2nd amendment. Do you think he didn't hear the "God Damn America sermon" at Rev. Wright's church or was he day dreaming about some of his women?
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Postby whitehood » Sun Mar 28, 2010 10:51 am

Remember this about Obama and I'll repeat. A lifelong mentor was Frank Marshall Davis a well known and prominent American Communist and fringe left political player. Also Obama is on the record as saying he found his Marxist professors the most interesting. If you don't think this guy will be coming after our firearms think again.
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Postby SittingMooseShaman » Sun Mar 28, 2010 8:14 pm

Hey...I like the pipe!

I know Obamas' stance and that

of the Communist-Democratic Party.

I'm all set for the fight... And that,

to my death... Most of the nation-wide

hand-gun organisations that I've blogged

with, put out all the rhetoric until they

are confronted by me on just how far are

they willing to defend their Civil Rights to

keep and bear(that is possess-carry

at any and all times-NO EXCEPTIONS!

-their rightful armaments...

Would they make a 'Lexington Green' stand

if it came to that?! The answers were:

Deletion of my blogs...

Damn few are willing to really fight, kill and/or

die for this Right- Which incidentially, was taken

for granted in America back in the beginning; The

language of the Second reads it as already

existent..."...the right of the people to..."

That "right" needs no Constitutional declaration

or demand... Its' PROTECTION AND


It instructs all judges- Prez Obama

included Art.6 sec.2 to those ends...

We just gotta keep these leaders aware of this.

And the devil's gonna pay my price-

I gotta do a lot of layering and he's getting

13 shots of clear coat with that job...
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Postby SittingMooseShaman » Mon Mar 29, 2010 7:23 pm

My custom paints were totally

original and exotic... now even my

eyesight is going too...shit...

that's gone as well...

how does one shoot at a blurred

and tripling target?...fuck i hate this life...

nah-hh, i'll never pop meself lads-

'at's only fuel for the gun-grabbers

and i shall nay give'im their wants!

it's remains still, my firm sign of me defiance

of the liberals' left stereotypes of we,

the Armed American Citizen.

i'll live in my pain as a symbol

of my Constitutional Righteous Contempt!

the prez is not going away- he's the prez!!!

we've representatives and senators who we

must never cease to communicate our

Constitutional position to- even though

some as here in n.y., oppose the Civil Rights

of the Rightful Armed American Citizen!

they'll see we are myriad in number-

and we're not going away either!

Marxism is an imported philosophy-

Our Constitutional Civil Rights


We are the American Posse!

Righteous by The Law of The Land.



"Good Guys!"

The Second was also written as a

preventative to the actions that European

monarchs followed- James Madison knew

very well his history. Of when and HOW

King Philip of France covertly slaughtered

the Knights Templar...as well the tyranny

of all the other Euro-Totalitarians.

He wrote the script of our Civil Rights

while fighting that Euro-bullshit for our

freedoms now so challenged by modern-day

'torries' who've signed-on with this politically

poisoned Marxist import which challenges

the very foundation of American Independence!

The time to stand IS NOW!

The Bible and I Ching both agree that

dialogue is most necessary at this point!

They're here- However the Constitution


Agreements of Law must be made-

and clearly understood!

On both sides.

I'm surrendering not one BB

I'm NOT Our enemy:

Those who viciously attack

the Constitution are!

This bullshit set-up in Michigan

on You-Tube is pure Gov't supported

and partly-staged Marxist propaganda.

I've seen this kind of shit before

in Soviet propaganda films

designed to demonize the people

in the Satellite States around the time when

the Czechs and Romanians were

challenging Moscows' rule...

i listened to that propaganda bs continually

on my grandpas' big-ass and i mean big-ass

zenith short-wave receiver... i wired that

huge radio up to an antenna that pulled-in

mars! Years and years i nerded-out on that

dial and set stations( my grandpop was

"Tops"- General Foreman of the Hot Mills

in Bethlehem Steels' Lackawanna complex.)

that radio was the state-of-the-art- the best

money could buy in the era!

I learned how to positively identify

communist bullshit- it was a game and a learning

session to me then.

all through the mid to late 50's thru the 60's

i tuned in the english dialogue "radio 'moscows'"

from russia to peking(beijing) especially

radio hanoi and then radio habana as the 'nam

burned on... so you see, now i can recognise

deliberate communist propaganda when it

shows up in our modern media-

it's unmistakeable...like fingerprints or

a gun even: one knows the manufacturer

by their very products' sight- y'ih don't

need to see the name to know who

made it- The work shows itself!

its not been this active for a long time

and it's HERE...the methodology!!

as i stated- it's unfuckingmistakeable!!

jeeze, how to handle this? it's not

"over there" on my short-wave anymore.

it's not just simply some loudmouths on a

college campus inciting students as was the 60's...

it is here... in DeeCee...of all places!?!

The communists are trolling the nation

looking for these kind of groups with purpose...

agents join-up w/'em get hold of the fringe groups

own propaganda, arm 'em w/better shit

an-nnd...pow! the set-up!! then turn it way up

for the media and- zinng! the fingerprints are

there- our governments' communist-democratic

"PARTY"anti-second amendment propaganda

fuel for their machine! and do these chicago

com-dems know how to build "machines"

and how!!! you bet yer sweet ass they do!!

Dialogue or CivilWar?

A giant has been awoken again!

others know these signs as well as i...

and we're fully awake!

to which resolve?... to which resolve...

These are indeed the times Jesus

warned us to be wise to... the attitudes towards

christs' believers throughout the public,

especially the youth, are growing dim, indeed...

teevee, cableshows, the 'net, media- all

portray a crappypicture, a sourjoke-esque

picture of 'christians' as some sort of

anti-social... a 1934 schoeckelgruber achtung

juden-esque era attitude:

All American 'gun-nut'/'wing-nuts'

are christian threats!

gary trudeaus' "DoonesBury" is currently

(and i've always liked his art and understand

his approach... i'm an artist...

well was...an artist, too)

[an artist who loves guns and ka-boom!

shrugg...what kin i say? iyamwotiyam...]

attacking the second through a hit approach

on starbucks' policy on gun-posing...

comedycentral 'toon network... all of

'em are beginning to paint the

"dehumanizing" picture that's the

start in how to incorporate the human

emotion of hate into things w/o being

so open about it... clever...

machiavellian. Time to bust these guys at

their own game- like when they confront

us- bring our loudest, most annoying

animal-call and let 'em have it!

I use a crow call- its fuggin' LOUD!

Well...they use those damn whistles...

most of us are HUNTERS- use these skills,dammit!!

ooo-whommp them, already!

it's high time we take the high ground

and call the battle!
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Postby whitehood » Wed Mar 31, 2010 9:42 pm

In Nov 2008 this country elected its first communist president. We already know about his lifelong association with Frank Marshall Davis as well as his affection for Marxist professors. But there's more and much more. The press ignored it and so did the American people.

There is no doubt about his long term friendship with William Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn the two former Weather Underground Marxists who avoided prison on technicalities. But these two cretins are not the only ones. Who else?

How about Alice Palmer, an avowed communist and former State Senator from Illinois. She fronted a Soviet sponsored left wing organization here and Obama later screwed her to the wall. There's more.

There's Frank Chapman Executive Board Member of the Communist Party USA.

Lets no forget former Obama adviser Robert Malley a well known communist whose father was a Soviet agent. The list goes on and on.
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Postby whitehood » Wed Apr 21, 2010 8:43 pm

I, Whitehood posted a article about Obama and his lack of qualification on Newsvine. It was deleted in a few hours and yours truly was kicked off. Imagine that.
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Postby TheBonecrusher » Wed Apr 21, 2010 10:08 pm

Like you posted... " Imagine that?"

Are Americans blind to what is going on? I work with an idiot that voted for Obama. Of course, he's black. We tell him daily that the only reason he is our POTUS is 'cause he's black and all the lifetime welfare receipients who never voted in all their life, got off their porches, put down the 40 ounce and bummed a ride the the polls. I'm about to get real racist here, so I'll leave it with that!

Thanks for all the eye opening info you've been providing us with.
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Postby tommyt » Fri Apr 23, 2010 9:08 pm

Yes, a lot of the liberal americans ARE blind to whats going on. I am a memeber of the UAW (not by choice, only that my job requires it) I work with a lot of people that voted for O. A lot of them have started to realize that they might have made a mistake, imagine that! I really think that america IS starting to wake up!
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Postby HenryLeverAction » Sat Apr 24, 2010 2:21 pm

this is what people see. they see the 2 buck increase in their wages every month and say Obama did it. They don't see the average of 6,000 dollars increase in taxes though did they?

What really ticks me off is that he promised to bring our Marines back home this year... but, instead 100,000 will be over there by next year. WAKE UP AMERICA, we don't have enough money to pay for the 30,000 over there already! He has done nothing good for this country...
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