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Colorado Univ; Guns on Campus is Legal!

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Colorado Univ; Guns on Campus is Legal!

Postby GOANRA » Mon May 10, 2010 6:04 pm

Other States are trying for the same right to avoid Victim-Killing-Zones, like Virginia Tech with 30 dead bodies for no logical reason.

"On April 15, Colorado Court of Appeals ruled that the University of Colorado has no authority to prevent people from carrying concealed weapons on campus. By the reactions of some, you'd have thought we were destined to see Wild West type shootouts. I think the reality is that we'll likely see more civility."

5-10 2010 The Daily Camera Bouldera, CO
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Postby tigwelder56 » Wed May 12, 2010 6:40 pm

This is nothing short of fantastic! Little by little, people are placing more and more value in common sense decisions like this. The proof has been provided that law abiding citizens do not cause or increase violent crime in America. We help prevent it and in some cases, stop it. There isn't a family alive that has suffered the loss of a child or a faculty member in these educational facilities, that would argue the value of concealed carry by law abiding citizens in those environments. Especially if someone with a CCW had stopped the assault by some whack job that wanted to kill anyone in their sights. It's unfortunate that acceptance for these lawful methods of protection are considered too dangerous. The credibility of these constitutional rights are beaten down by the same fools that run to the podium to take credit for the actions of those people that had the balls to fight them for the rights to carry those weapons after they have stopped an attacker from furthering their attack on law abiding citizens.

My hat's off to those Colorado citizens and legislators that had the guts to take off their gloves and fight the anti gunners for the right to exercise the constitutional right to bear arms that should have never been denied them in the first place. This is just one example of law abiding citizens willing to fight to get back the rights that have been arbitrarily and unilaterally stripped from them by ignorant, ueseless politicians and public officials.
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