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Postby Blackrifle » Fri Jun 25, 2010 1:13 am

A great deal has been said of Obama as head of the Harvard Law Review - however the evidence is that he was voted into that position because the people thought it would be "cool" to have a black in there, not because he was more qualified than the other students.

Having said that, Obama NEVER wrote for the Harvard Law Review.


There is a pattern of Obama getting positions or jobs through affirmative action and then NOT doing those jobs.

1) First, he took a position in the class at Harvard Law School (from a white student) however Obama NEVER became a lawyer,

2) Obama became head of the Harvard Law Review, however Obama NEVER wrote a law review article.

3) Obama became a State Senator however Obama RARELY voted yes or no, voting present many many times - Emil Jones placed Obama's name on numerous bills which were Emil's work, and Obama took credit for Emil's work because someone decided that Obama was going to be pushed forward.

4) Obama was selected to be the Chairman of the SubCommittee to review NATO's role in Afghanistan however Obama NEVER held any hearings of this SubCommittee.

5) Obama was elected to the US Senator, however instead of doing his job as a Senator Obama went on a book tour and started a campaign for President - HOW MUCH TIME HAS HE REALLY SPENT ACTUALLY BEING A SENATOR ???

Sorry However NONE OF THIS IS IMPRESSIVE. In fact, it is rather sad. So does it matter? I checked it out and I guess it was retracted in the order it was distributed but the little commie puke stands behind every word of it. Hey Tig, you meant well but Snopes would've saved you this time. There is so much of this shit floating around now, it's hard to determine what's actually spilling out of that muzzies mouth or his media machine. These kinds of things are generated by the thousands everyday and it's impossible to keep up with the accuracy anymore. If you're not sure, ask Whitehood, he knows it all. Why didn't he catch it? Looks to me like he went for it too. Nobody is doubting the bullshit that comes from DC anymore anyway. Screw him, let him prove us wrong for a change. He doesn't need our help, does he?
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