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My take on Oakland the riots.

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My take on Oakland the riots.

Postby whitehood » Sat Jul 10, 2010 3:15 pm

For one, if the leftwingers/socialist/ BO brotherhood ever wonder why I have assault weapons, then they only have to look the video of the riots following the Oakland police shooting verdicts. In fact I'm going to buy another one just because it reinforces the point.

Lets also examine the real Oakland. While Oakland is now only about 30 African American, AA's commit the vast majority of violent crime in the city. In fact Oakland is a craphole with the the risk of being a victim of violent crime is 1 in 78 per year which is about 2.5 times the California average. Oakland LEO's were involved in shootings less than 5 times a year over the last two years, hamstrung by a liberal agenda while trying to enforce the law in a city that is nothing more than a hunting ground for ghetto gangsters. In return 4 Oakland LEO's were shot and killed in the line of duty in about the last 18 months or so. If you look at the video of the police shootings, you'll see that the PD were surrounded by a hostile crowd and that the suspect was fighting trying to reach into his pockets. The so called victim, Oscar Grant at 22 y/o was already a two time felon. Keeping in mind that they PD was involved in breaking up a fight involving Grant is it any wonder there was a shooting? This guy was a serious criminal who was taken off the board early and in the process it probably saved lives as well as grief and stopped this nitwit from producing any more of his own kind. I watched the liberal news media show people crying about how the police are "killing them" when in fact what is really happening is they are killing each other wholesale each and every day. The simple fact is that the liberals don't want any officer involved shooting, but tolerate inner city homicide wholesale as long as the right ethnic group commits it, especially if it's against Whites or Asians. That's the way I see it and I'm so pissed right now I'm going to order another case of SS109.
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Postby JustBen » Sat Jul 10, 2010 9:21 pm


Just bought a case of .223 myself.

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Postby BrianB » Sun Jul 11, 2010 8:52 am

Though every once in a while LEOs do the wrong thing, for the most part, I feel it's the other way around. Someone decides to do something criminal and for whatever reason, gets shot. Though the LEOs would be in the right, word of mouth and the natural dislike of police in many of these type areas is not going to give the LEO's side of the story. Only that poor little (insert name here) was shot, wasn't even doing anything, my boy was a good boy, etc, etc.

I wish I could afford an assault weapon for self defense but its alot of bread to lay down at this point and time. So I guess a Marlin 336 and a half dozen handguns, and hoping nothing ever breaks out, will have to do for now, just in case. SA is usually a pretty mild city though so I don't see a huge chance of a full blown riot going down. I would probably go with a CX4 storm next if I get the chance to get another sometime rather than the 223 types though, unless I start making tons of money.
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Postby whitehood » Sun Jul 11, 2010 6:42 pm

Now it seems Eric Holder and the DOJ are thinking about prosecuting the LEO again. Sounds like tyranny to me.
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Postby Stocker » Thu Oct 28, 2010 6:01 am

LEO's are on our side, the law itself is not. It's important to remember that. More and more, they are upholding the laws that they themselves don't agree with.
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