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Can I still purchase a handgun in MN if...

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Can I still purchase a handgun in MN if...

Postby nsaasset » Thu Jun 23, 2011 8:50 am

Earlier this week, I applied for a permit to purchase a handgun in Minnesota. Details about me:

I am 21 years of age. Nothing on my criminal record, aside from a few traffic convictions. When I was 16, I had a 5th-degree assault charge, but that was dismissed after a 6-month probation of no-same-or-similar-offenses. Later, when I still 16, I went to treatment at my mother's request (NOT court-ordered, we went in at our own choice) for "weed addiction" according to her. I completed treatment and moved on.

I also have a mental health history; when I was 15, I was hospitalized for depression. Once again, this was not court-ordered, and I was still a minor, and I was there for 10 days.

My question is this: are the above-mentioned things going to result in my permit application being denied? There is nothing on my immediate criminal record that would indicate an ineligibility, and the only gray areas exist once you start digging.

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