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PostPosted: Fri Jun 18, 2010 1:12 pm
The friend Bill, was a tall, red-haired fellow who went over to Rich's house [lived with his parents & just grad HS].

Rich didn't have the $20. so Bill just pulled a .22 rev & shot him 6 times in the head... right there on the porch.

Rich was always a 'happy-go-lucky' kid in Detroit. He just sort of stayed that way.

Bill was 18 and off to jail that same day. Trial & then prison for Attempted Murder.

In the '60s I had 2 other friends [15 yrs old] who got into a fight [dumb argument], one killed the other by stabbing him in the neck. Stabbing made more sense back then and was even routine in our neighborhood. Dying sure wasn't.

The kid who did the stabbing was sent to a Juvy home.

I moved out & went to work at 15 and never saw that kid again.

Stayed friends with Rich, still a joker with a lovely wife, but I moved to KS 11 years ago and lost touch.

25 years after being shot, he never once answered the door without one hand on his .45acp.

PostPosted: Sat Jun 19, 2010 3:37 am
by john118242
hey thank u guys for the advice . i got a couple more questions and they might be dumb for the experienced shootings and all but im new and learning . is it normal for a gun not to have a thumb/manual safety? by that i mean the button on the handle safety and the guns that dont have that safety is it easy for the gun to go off in a holster? common sense says no but just asking anyway ? i like the shoulder holster but found that concealing is hard so might want a alternative . with a inside the pants holster sitting down it would seem uncomfortable? can u draw sitting down with one? and again im new but learning and being responsible i am going to take a class for basics and all that in a month so maybe some questions will be answered there also .

tig: i am still waiting for your freind to contact me . if its easier he can email me directly at

PostPosted: Sat Jun 19, 2010 4:32 pm
Glocks and some others don't have manual safeties and require a holster that covers the trigger. These types are better suited for experienced shooters, but with the proper holsters & handling, can be safe.

Owning a mixture of sidearms with manual & no manual safeties can be a disaster.

Pick the type you like and stick with it and 'practice' a lot to develop muscle memory.

I never worried much about drawing while sitting when not in uniform.

There are no DUMB questions !!! We ALL had to learn at one point.

I'm retired & still learning all the time.

PostPosted: Sat Jun 19, 2010 5:37 pm
by lrgcal4fun
Hay John, Its good that you are thinking things through and asking questions. As Goanra said, there are on stupid questions.

A lot of the "drawing from wile sitting" concerns depend on where you place the holster on/in your wast band. If your put the rig on your strong side hip, or just behind it, you'll have to jostle in your seat to get to it but it's very doable. If you place the rig at the cross-draw position you can get to it easily. But, a lot of guys are nervous about having the muzzle so close to their "privets."

Position also affects your choice of cover garment. If you carry on your hip, or just behind it, you can cover with a jack that is open in the front. If you go "appendix" or cross-draw you need to cover with some kind of pull-over or your shirt.

Its all about give and take and personal preference. Keep thinking it through for your self and try different options wile you are hanging around your home. It'll help you find out what's really workable for you.

Also, when your experimenting at home, be sure the gun is unloaded. Its easy to make a bad mistake when your trying different carry positions and draws. I dropped my carry gun once wile practicing with a new holster. Since it was empty, it just bounced down to the carpet and left me with with a learning experience. Keep it safe.....

PostPosted: Sat Jun 19, 2010 10:07 pm
by ulgydog56
john these guys are wright,if I were starting out I would stay away from double action only pistols with no safty untill you have alot of experince under your belt .when carring a weapon it is far better to stay on the safe side and if you carry with 1 in the pipe its nice to have a decocker. some guns won,t shoot with 1 in the pipe if the mag is removed make sure you know. also you might want to look at a wheel gun they are as simple as it gets and remember dry practice,practice,practice...I,ve screwed up badly thank good it was dry fire......goodluck

PostPosted: Sun Jun 20, 2010 2:10 pm
by Torgo
@ John, sorry to hear bout your condition, but am glad your still willing to carry.

@ Goanra, I am sorry to hear about your friend, had a friend like that as well, but he didnt make it,...

My question revolves around concealing on the thigh. I keep hearing this, and like John am new to the conceal / carry. With the recent laws out here in AZ(take your pick of em) I am looking to conceal, and after I started another thread found this one, I am no longer looking small of my back, but ankle or boot, but I keep hearing thigh. How does one conceal on his thigh would be my question. I understand hip, but the thigh is completely baffeling me. Please forgive my ignorence on the subject, new to me as well.

PostPosted: Sun Jun 20, 2010 2:16 pm
The TV is always a good target for draw practice or trigger-pull practice. When I was a new guy, we were told to put a dime on top of our S&W 586 revolvers & practice trigger-pull without moving the dime. Very effective.

One of my coworkers was practicing his draw during 'optional semi-auto transition' on his 'beautiful' TV... yup, put a 9mm hole in the tube.

He got suspended for 3 days, but that wasn't the 'painful' part after we ALL heard about it. LOLOL

It gets worse, his name was McGraw!! LOL

During pre-shift, even the SGT called him "Quick-Draw". LOL

PostPosted: Sun Jun 20, 2010 2:58 pm
by Torgo
LOL alright, now that is amusing.

PostPosted: Sun Jun 20, 2010 5:50 pm
by john118242
:) thank you guys . i love the responses . in every forum or discussion thing i have been on online has been rude and unwelcoming people. you guys are great . i definitely understand the give and take on clothing . i experimented with a fake 2 dollar gun and a real holster and most of my clothes didint cover it ya it was a fake unrealistic gun but similar and so when i start carrying in august my 18th birthday i probably be clothes shopping as well :) (i found the loophole if a gun is gifted to me it is legal for me to carry at 18 in new hampshire ) i have been reading and studying laws for months now just to figure it out . i love the inside the waste band holsters for conceal and here in new hampshire open carry is legal so i might give it a try also but my doubts with it also . just beginning i might carry a unloaded gun with a loaded mag for my first few times just to be cautious ya i know kind of pointless a unloaded gun but i want to get the carrying part down first . one thing i have noticed is all the great so called reliable guns are the experienced no manual safety guns like glock and smith and wesson so i think i will stick with the smith and wesson and learn to deal with no safety but may change in 2 months(maybe a revolver?) i'd rather have a reliable gun rather then a unreliable safety gun which i could be completely wrong on this but thats what i have come up with .

i love your help and if i am missing anything please let me know . i am also on a budget so i figured the s&w40ve was great considering price and brand . a glock is out of the question even tho i do like the brand and the rep . sorry for the off top stuff just had to get it out . i need to learn not to hesitate . from my knowledge a second hesitate could get you killed but also second guessing can help not get u in a bad situation like shooting wrong person . i'm doing modifications to my wheel chair to widen the width so i can carry on my hip better because right now it is snug . i made a joke with a few freinds and said i would put a gun rack on the back and put a shot gun on it while rolling around town like in a pick up truck some people do lol

for me i dont have a dad ha todays fathers day woohoo

he died 2 years ago in prison for murder. he was in jail all my life so i dont have that father figure showing me about guns and the manly stuff i have had to learn everything first hand in a way is good .

goanra: when did u first experience guns and handling them?

uglydog: by wheel gun do u mean revolver?

again sorry for the off topic and long comment

PostPosted: Sun Jun 20, 2010 6:23 pm
goanra: when did u first experience guns and handling them?

I started shooting a .22 single shot rifle when I was 6, granpa set me out at the big, 5 acre veggie garden on Sundays to shoot crows & such... all day.

Got a handgun when I was 22 and took up range shooting.

Yup. A wheelgun is a revolver.

Some folks carry a semi-auto with an empty chamber all the time, so just do what you're comfortable with.