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What is a good concealed carry?

For those legally permitted to carry a weapon or wanting to obtain their concealed pistol license.

What is a good concealed carry?

Postby fredandbarry » Fri Feb 05, 2010 9:32 pm

I am currently doing some research on concealed-carry weapons. I am rather new to shooting and guns in general, but I desperately want to learn! I figure that a sawed-off shotgun is probably not the best concealed-carry weapon, but I think that a hand gun would be.
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Postby judgeparker » Mon Feb 08, 2010 11:49 am

Hi Fred My best advice is to find a local shooting range that rents guns and to try several. Hand guns are like clothes the pants that fit me may not fit you. Find one that is comfortable good quality and reliable and don't rule out a revolver. I have several of both semi auto and revolver handguns and it depends on the circumstances as to what I carry. Caliber wise do not go under a 9mm or 38 special. Do not forget after you make your purchase buy lots of ammo and practice, practice, practice. Also remember All guns are always loaded so never point that gun at anything you are not willing to destroy. This forum is a great source and its members have years of experience and a wealth of information. Have fun and be safe.
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Postby Windward45acp » Tue Feb 16, 2010 1:15 am

Fred, Judge has good advice. Go try some out. I like my Kimber Ultra CDP II 45 for a CC. But I have friends who would never carry a 1911 since it is single action. They all carry Glocks. But I'm a firm believer a gun has to excite you too, not just function correctly. Good luck, you will find the gun for you.
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Postby dsclaiborne31 » Sat Feb 20, 2010 11:04 am

Judge had good advice. Personally I carry a Springfield XD 40. It is very accurate, the recoil is not that bad, and it shoots dead on. It also has one of the best factory triggers out of the box of any other hand gun out there. If you send it off to have the combat trigger job with overtravel adjustment done like I did to the Springfield custom shop the trigger can drop from 5.5 pounds and mushy to what mine is which is 4 pounds 11.4 ounces with very little if any reset on the trigger. It makes double taps and followup shots much quicker. Also, you can have the barrel refitted for match grade accuracy, this creates a tighter lock up on the gun. People say it does not make a difference but I can tell it does it has made a major difference on the accuracy of my gun. Here in Tennessee we can either open carry or conceal carry. I have no trouble concealing the xd and rarely open carry.
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Postby dsclaiborne31 » Sat Feb 20, 2010 11:09 am

Fred just so that you know you can legally carry a sawed off shot gun so long as the rifling in the barrel is rifled. You cannot carry smooth bore sawed offs. For example check out the taurus public defender, it shoots .410 buckshot and 45 colt. The trigger pull is about 10 million pounds so if you arent used to a heavy trigger pull you probably wont be able to shoot it with any accuracy but it is essentially a sawed off shotgun the way around it was they rifled the barrel so that makes it legal.



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Postby dsclaiborne31 » Sat Feb 20, 2010 11:11 am

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Postby kcmitch » Sat Mar 20, 2010 1:05 pm

First choice, auto or revolver, or as they are also known respectfully, bottom feeders or wheel guns. Next would be the size, full size, compact or sub-compact. Then caliber is determined. Large, medium or small. Sorry, no flavors. Take time to talk to forum members, gun shop personnel and friends who carry. Buy once and get good with what you have. The bullets are always bigger on the other side of the range. I went through several guns in my process, but finally found a good match for me. You can eliminate a lot of buying, trading and selling by your research, which seems to be what you are doing. My choice, a Smith and Wesson 3913 which I happened on by accident, but sold for a good price. I love it. Read the reports on it in the pistol section of this site. Good luck in your search and let us know what you chose.
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Postby keyman » Sat Mar 20, 2010 7:18 pm

OK, Fred . . . one of the first considerations is how long will you be carrying every day. If you carry most of the day, a three inch barrel semi-automatic will make it much more tolerable than a five inch barrel.

You can get a semi-automatic in most any caliber, and carrying it outside the waist band is easier to me than inside, but that is another choice you will have to make.

Renting guns at a gun range is a good idea, but it can get mighty expensive. It's usually $15 per trip, and they usually make you buy their over-priced ammo to go w/it, and that doesn't include the $15 or more range fee.

All the posts here have given good advice. Read them all at least two times more, then go look at guns. Like windward said, when you handle a gun that excites you, you will know it. Please keep us informed on your decision. Thanks.
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Postby GOANRA » Thu Mar 25, 2010 4:07 pm

Good stuff here. For someone new to shooting, I would strongly suggest a revolver. No safeties, no jams, no FTEs, no stovepipes, no stripping to clean, less parts, etc.

Also, I'd go lightweight for CC. My favorite rev is a Taurus 85, 5 shot Titanium in a slip on/off Fobus paddle holster.

Carry ammo like Hornady, Cor-Bon, Federal or Winchester personal protection JHPs make it an extremely effective & comfortable option.

You may need a different grip, diff sights, longer barrel, etc., until you can hit the mark.

Can't carry if you can't qualify. If possible, take an experienced shooter with you.

Once you become profficient, you may opt for something else or find options to suit diff occassions.

Absolutely try a like model at the range first. If you can hit the target with a 2" S&W rev, you can hit it with any other 2" revolver.
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Postby electricman4759 » Mon Mar 29, 2010 9:18 pm

I would have to agree with all the posts, if you are going to carry a weapon on your person you shoud get your paper work in order. Then go to a range that will let you rent and go through as many weapons as you can. Once you find a cal. you like then think about were and how you want to call this weapon. After you have that info now you can go gun shopping.

My carry weapon is a Glock 27 (40 cal), this is a sub compact that I carry in an inside waist band holster. This holster is on me about 8-10 hrs. per day, for me it's very comfortable.

So have fun and picking a gun to carry and forget about it once you are wearing it.
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