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Re: need advice on a conceal and carry!!!

PostPosted: Sun Mar 17, 2013 5:17 pm
Winter is on its way out around here & we're getting some pretty warm days.

The nice thing about Winter is being able to conceal my .45s, depending on where I'm going (keeping jacket on, etc,).
My 45s are my favorite, I like around 450 ft-lbs of energy per round. With +P and a lighter bullet, it is quite easy to acheive in a 45acp.

Soon it will be time to transition, more often, to smaller frame sidearms, and diff calibers.
Not a big problem, there.
When Summer comes with its triple digit days, the compromises begin.

I use a chart like this for determining the sidearm/ammo I will be carrying for any conditions.

When buying a sidearm for carry, I have developed criteria, for myself:
1. It must be 26 oz, or less.
2. +P rated.
3. Semis no more than 1.0 inch at max thickness.
4. Revolvers (5 shot snubbies) must have the short, 2 finger grip, snagproff hammers)
5. Semis must have a short enough grip to conceal (a real personal problem, there).
6. Proper holster available (I made THAT mistake more than once).
7. Has to handle, e.g. thumb doesn't release mag e/time I grab it, good smooth trigger, slide release without changing grip, balance for point-shooting, etc., etc.
8. Has to be quite accurate.
9. I keep sights & bbl length as variables for the specific sidearm.
10. The primo 'carry ammo' must be readily available.

Anything outside these parameters, for me, is a House or Range gun.
This has also been my criteria over many decades of 'off-duty' carry, as well. (after making every mistake possible).
Most folks would be able to vary this list to their own priorities for an everyday carry (EDC).

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