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PostPosted: Sat Jan 01, 2011 11:47 am
by whitehood
Here's one that could be the best buy and that's the Kel-Tec PF 9. It's a 9mm 7+1 capacity, with a three inch barrel that is a rival to the Kahr size in a price range of a bit over 300 bucks. Here's my concern. I haven't shot this one and I've not even seen one. Is Kel Tec reliabilty up there with another low cost manufacturer like CZ? If so this one is a keeper. For you guys/gals with Kel-Tecs I'd like to know.

PostPosted: Sat Jan 01, 2011 12:00 pm
by whitehood
Also breaking my rule about semi-autos there is a revolver out there that sparks my interest. It's the Bersa Firestorm in 38, rated at +P, with a two inch barrel, DAO with either a bobbed or shrouded hammer. Above all it's a SIX SHOOTER. I like the idea of having that extra round. Being exiled to rural NM for the last two years, this is one I haven't seen, much less fired. I don't know anything about the trigger, hell I don't know much about it except the specs but it sounds very interesting, especially for the revolver guys out there. A few years ago Colt made a small six shot revolver with either a 2 or 3 inch barrel. I thought about buying one, but it was discontinued before I could and I haven't seen a used one. It was a lot like the Berreta 92/96 Centurion series that were DAO with second strike capability. I missed this one as well and sorely regret doings so. The 96 DAO Centurion was one of the best pistols I have ever shot. Dammit.

PostPosted: Fri Feb 04, 2011 10:50 pm
by ulgydog56
for me ..deep cover its .38 2"snubbie in pocket protector or.lcp.380in hi riding waist holster or pocket protector and as backup or if I,m wearring not alot of cloths(scary)or monkey suit I,ll carry a naa last dich .22 revolver on ankle or beats

PostPosted: Sat Feb 05, 2011 9:34 am
by SW-Insured

PostPosted: Tue May 17, 2011 2:59 am
by MightyFoFaad
Wow. I've been reading several posts, & this one fascinated me because it started in five parts by a person referring to themselves in the third person. So I knew this had to be a good one & I'd really like to jump in, but I wanted to be sure what you really meant in concealed vs. deep concealed. Of course we all know "concealed" means you can't see it. So, by "deep" concealed, do you mean it can't be felt either? Like if it were hidden in the anal cavity? "Deep conceled?" Please let me know ... Fascinating!

PostPosted: Tue May 17, 2011 12:24 pm
by JustBen
Let me know how that works with a loaded gun up your @$$. Don't forget the holster and +P ammo either. Gives new meaning to packing heat.

PostPosted: Tue May 17, 2011 5:58 pm
by MightyFoFaad
Why would you need a holster?

PostPosted: Tue May 17, 2011 9:22 pm
by ulgydog56
to me deep cover means backup gun and a more concealed place....hey what ever turns you on....

PostPosted: Tue May 17, 2011 9:56 pm
by MightyFoFaad
@ ulgydog56 ... That more concealed place wouldn't be inside that front loader in the pond ... would it? :)

PostPosted: Tue May 17, 2011 10:18 pm
by JustBen
Sorry I just could not help myself. Brings back memories of watching a show about inmates carrying knives etc... in that particular body cavity. Around here, you just cant take offense to anything anyone says. For some of us this is the only humor we get during the day.

To me, deep concealment simply means no one is going to find out I have a gun regardless of being bumped, touched, having a garment malfunction, or any other circumstance. For me I Mexican/Gangster Carry my LCP 380 in an uncle mikes #2 (ie: Appendix Carry down my pants).