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Real life self defense stories

For those legally permitted to carry a weapon or wanting to obtain their concealed pistol license.

Real life self defense stories

Postby HenryLeverAction » Fri Aug 19, 2011 9:41 am

After almost a year of carrying various different handguns every day and after my friends have been carrying for that long or longer, we have a pretty good idea on what guns to carry and how to carry them. I myself have a full size pistol I carry in a BlackHawk! Serpa Level II holster. Generally I carry it open for the world to see during the summer months. I carry IWB at times when I am not sweating a lot and it is comfortable (that doesn't happen with a full size pistol much). I realize a lot of people are shaking their heads and saying, "what if the bad guy sees your gun and grabs it?"

I'm always leaning against my gun and if I'm ever in line at a gas station or check out I am standing sideways with my elbow on the butt of the gun. And for the guys that think it makes you a potential target, it only makes you a target if you are in a situation or high risk environment where the bad guys are already willing to go to lethal force. In most situations I have been in, the people are scared to even talk to me when they see I'm armed. That's how I like it.

Most of my buddies carry their handguns concealed. That is just how they like doing it and that is what our state allows them to do. If you wanna open carry you can and if you wanna conceal, do it. Inside Law Enforcement circles they would prefer you conceal because it makes you a potential target. That has validity of course but it depends on your situation.

So off to the self defense stories!

Story No. 1: My friend was downtown packing a Ruger SR9 full size pistol in the small of his back. The handgun only showed about a half inch to an inch of the barrel when holstered. Most people would never see the gun. As he stopped running and started walking he heard a voice say, "What's that on your back?"

He replied, "Nothin' don't worry bout it." and kept walking.

"Is that a gun? I've got one too!" the person said as he drew out a small Glock.

"Well mine is loaded get on the ground you mother effer." He said as he pulled out the SR9 and racked the slide.

He said he was shaking pretty badly as he took off down the alley to get away from the idiot who pulled the gun on him.

Story No. 2: This is the same guy in this story as in story number one. The same guy was in downtown Louisville, Kentucky leaving a hospital there where his girlfriend was having a baby. Now realize that he was breaking the law by carrying inside the hospital. As he exited the hospital he had his laptop bag slung over his shoulder. A couple of black kids made their way over to him and said, "Hey what's that in your bag?"

"Nothin, don't worry about it." He replied. Notice here that he is always TRYING to avoid a conflict as anyone should.

"Let's see what's inside." they replied. This is where the bad guys instigated that they wanted in his bag no matter what.

My friend drew his Ruger, racked the slide, and said back up right now before I blow your head off. The black kids were shocked and slowly backed away.

Story No. 3: If you think trouble follows some people then these stories may help prove your point. This is the same guys girlfriend in this story. As the same guy got up early in the morning to head to work he noticed a person outside his apartment complex sitting in a car. After about an hour went by the car was still outside and he left for work knowing that his girlfriend had the precious life saving Ruger. About 30 minutes after he got to work he got a call on his cell phone from his girlfriend. She knew he was at work so he knew it had to be trouble.

"You need to come home right now! I have a guy at gunpoint!" she said as he answered.

He drove down to his residence as fast he could to find out what was up. It turned out that the guy breaking into the apartment was the old maintenance guy and when the landlords changed he slipped through the cracks and still had a key. I guess he thought he had an easy target but turned out he was wrong. My friend let him go because his current landlord had no idea who he was but he had a key to his front door. Two days later he was arrested for burglary.

Story No. 4: This story is from a friend of mines friend so the details may not be completely correct. As the story goes an individual was allegedly walking to his car and two individuals approached him and one asked if he had any spare cash. His accomplice politely replied, "Oh don't mess with him, he is packing! Have a nice day!"

This is a good reason I advocate open carry. In most situations open carry is a HUGE deterrent. In other situations like when I go to the bank or I am in a bad neighborhood (God forbid!) I am concealing my handgun. Just depends on my situation. I myself have no personal self defense stories to date (thank you Jesus!)
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Postby ulgydog56 » Wed Aug 24, 2011 8:08 pm

hey god bless him ...but maybe your buddy needs to move...lol.
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Postby robalan » Sun Aug 28, 2011 11:06 pm

Too each their own. I make sure the slide is racked before I put it in the holster.
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Postby Gloc9mm » Wed Aug 31, 2011 10:46 am

""After almost a year of carrying""

I have carried for more yrs. than I care to remember, but I have never wanted anyone knowing I had a weapon, and don't know anyone who does.

IMHO, Letting the World know in this day and age could be very dangerous, but that's not the part that's bothering me. I guess some people just have the need to look like a big man or something??? Maybe when you get a bit more experience you will come to your senses? Never feel you have enough experience, after "Almost" 1 Yr. I really doubt even Cops feel that way!

PS- If Carrying, Always have the Gun Racked!
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