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ruger lc9 & 2 women in luv

For those legally permitted to carry a weapon or wanting to obtain their concealed pistol license.

ruger lc9 & 2 women in luv

Postby eisen » Wed Oct 05, 2011 1:41 am

i bought 1 lc9 for my 27yr old daughter,who wanted a smaller pistol than her sr9c ,which she bought when they first hit the store. the sr9c is a great gun,its a keeper, she actually was looking for a back up gun, so we got the 1st lc9 ,we all liked it so much 1 bought 2 more. just for the record, the ladies have other cc guns,a walther p99, a high standard,and a sti elektra,and, so they have options to go along with their wardrobe, lol . they carry daily, the lc9 is a good small safe carry choice ,the ladies call this gun " girl friendly", they like the feel of the grip,and feel safe with the gun because of the long double action trigger. they have other pistols with short 3 lb triggers . this trigger that can take the rough treatment it will see daily. we did some range time to be sure they would fire ok, so we put 150 rounds through each, with no problems of any sort. The ladies were ok with the reliability test, and will continue range activity, we have other pistols but enjoy the light weight }17 oz{ and 5lb dao trigger . the lc9 has a 7 rd mag plus 1, when chambered for an 8 rd defence system
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Postby Gloc9mm » Sun Oct 09, 2011 8:39 am

Eisen, That's good to know. I'm not a large guy and have had trouble in the past with a small Beretta because of it (PX-4SC,) where I had none with the reg, PX-4.

If I remember correctly I did use a friends LC-9 one time, but had no idea about it's reliability except for his opinion, but he has only bought weapons for about a yr..

Normally I need a full size handle and I ended up purchasing the Ruger LCR for when I can't carry a larger weapon.

I would have written this last night after you wrote me, but was on my way out for dinner.

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