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Stupid Texas Hunters

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Stupid Texas Hunters

Postby whitehood » Sun Nov 14, 2010 3:46 pm

This is a vent and I am a Texan who is going to be moving back there soon, but those damned Texas hunters just piss me off. First, I'll never spend a dime hunting anything but waterfowl in Texas. The lease system has ruined the state and what most Texans think is hunting is not much more than target practice in nice box stands over feeders. I"ve been mule deer hunting here in New Mexico and the Texans just seem to ruin just about everything. I'm going to let them get drunk today and hit it again in the morning.

Yesterday, we found them deep in unit #@ camping next to where we are going to hunt complete with two big Airstream trailers. they had the complete setup including generator, satellite antenna, flagpole with the State of Texas flag waving and just about every accoutrement known to mankind. Hell, with those Airstreams they probably had a washer/ dryer.

Me and my buddy a young and very in shape fireman parked close to them to let them know we there. We started our hump up the hills leaving these fat out of shape bastards in our dust. A couple of them tried to follow, but they didn't make it the first line of hills before their fat asses gave out. To make a long story short, my buddy got a nice mulie up high with three shots, one miss and two hits on a moving animal at over 300 yards. There was a Mexican father/son team who did pretty much ditto with the son missing his first shot and connecting with the next. We see other, and then help each other pack the heads and meat out to their jeep who drive us back to your vehicle. The Texans of course are curious about what we have and drive over to see for themselves. They of course have NADA. The youngest and most obnoxious of them ( they were all drinking) mouthed off and told us he heard us shooting and was about to send us more ammunition. ( We have two deer and 4 hits in 6 shots ) The Mexicans tell him that maybe if his butthole friends weren't fat, hungover and out of shape they might be able to shoot a deer too. Of course we knew what they were going to do. That afternoon they shot at least 5 or 6 times and hit only air. Of course, Mr. Mouth was using ATV's and 4 wheel drive vehicles to illegally transport his POS buds up the hills they couldn't hump themselves. They did the same thing this morning with another 5 shots and no hits. Typical. The only thing they did was screw us up.
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