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Why is a police officers life worth more than mine

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Re: Why is a police officers life worth more than mine

Postby GOANRA » Mon Nov 26, 2012 8:36 pm

NCCCCWteacher wrote:They can use "lawenforcement only" ammo. Balistic vests, carry without a permit. Why? I have the same if not more training. Wht should they be able to stop a bad guy with one shot from specail ammo and I am not aloud to use it? Why do they get discounts? Around here cops make more money than the regular Joe. What makes them more valueable?

OP has some odd ideas. I am retired LEO from a VERY active jurisdiction. I never got "Special Ammo", though there are some like Winchester Ranger that put "LE Ammo" on the box, but that is just marketing. Speer Gold Dots, Rem Golden Saber, Hornady XTP, Corbon, etc., are all better performers. (some may remember the Black Talons & the Teflon myth).

As for not needing a carry permit, the ID & Badge would make it a redundancy.

Discounts? They don't add up to much and most trades/professions get various 'discounts'.

Many businesses do offer free burgers, donuts, coffee, etc., but they are usually looking to make there place of business look safer to increase customer traffic.

Anyone who works hard at their chosen job is of great value to the community, but no person is of more value as an individual than anyone else. (though some do try hard to prove otherwise at times).
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