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Fitting Polychoke to shotgun

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Fitting Polychoke to shotgun

Postby js_111 » Mon Dec 26, 2011 4:23 am

Hello Folks,

I was hoping to get some advice on the following. I am not a gunsmith though I have some (small) experience using a lathe.

I wish to shorten the barrel of a 12 gauge

shotgun that has screw in chokes. I intend to place a 'polychoke' on the end of the cut barrell. Polychoke (Wisconson) will of course do this work but I am from oversees and it it out of the question. Local gunsmiths will cost an arm and a leg so are also out of the question.

The Polychoke comes with three ring adapters of different sizes (steel) and one of these will be Silver soldered onto the machined end of the cut barrell.

The Polychoke is in linked picture. The 3 rings are slightly different sizes to suit different barrell wall (after machining) thicknesses.

The outside of the barrell is tapered so putting it into a lathe chuck is not a simple matter. Also I am told by Polychode that you need to center the INSIDE of the barrell with

the curring tooI ie. even if the barrell were not tapered it would not be wise to assume that the hole up the middle of the barrell is exactly concentric with the outside of the

barrell. Also the lathe chuck is too small to hold the chamber end of the barrell.

I intent to do what is shows in the attached diagram.

Cut barrell. Machine a solid copper bar so that it fits tight in the barrell. This solid bar is then grasped using the lathe chuck and the barrell machined.

An adapter is then soldered on using Silver solder (and the Polychoke screwed onto the adaptor).

There is also a rib on the barrell that I entend to remove or at least partially remove. It is not wanted as I have a red-dot sight fitted.

Some question I would like to ask are: What type of Silver solder (%Ag) would you recommend? I do not think that super-glue or epoxy will do the job

though I have read of these products being used in similar circumstances.

Can anyone see any problems with the proposed machining method or has anyone any other ideas?





Thanks for your time,

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Re: Fitting Polychoke to shotgun

Postby GOANRA » Wed Feb 27, 2013 4:02 pm

That seems like a LOT of trouble and EXPENSE for an old-school choke.

It would be easier to sell your SG and buy one with an old Polychoke aleady installed, you may even make a profit.

Also, you can buy something like a Mossberg 500 with 3 Acu-Chokes included (with XF and XXF chokes available), for a very modest price.

For the expense you are planning, it would be better to have a NEW shotgun that your grandkids could enjoy someday.
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Re: Fitting Polychoke to shotgun

Postby abaddon1234 » Thu Sep 17, 2015 3:23 am

Local gunsmiths will cost an arm and a leg so are also out of the question.
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