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Hornday's Superformance Ammo

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Hornday's Superformance Ammo

Postby DoubletapMag » Wed Sep 07, 2011 12:23 am

Does anyone here have any extensive experience with it. I have some but not much, I will as soon I get some handloads from a friend for deer hunting season. The Bonded BTSP's I shoot now are better than the Remington Cor-Lokt's and Winchester Soft Points I used to shoot. Hodgeken's, not sure of the correct spelling sell's it for handloading but in a watered down form that gives only 80 to 100 more FPS, where as Hornday's factory stuff guarantee's 100 to 200 fps. My experience is limited to a few shots fired across a hillside from my brothers 300 Win Mag, wow was I impressed by the visable wake that thing laid down onto the grassy hilside, at 3260 fps and 3893 foot pounds the 165 Grain Gilding Metal Expanding bullet will kill any north american game animal in it's tracks and can probably be classified as semi-armor piercing. IMHO Hornday offers the best rifle ammo per dollar not that Lapua, Nosler or Barne's don't all make great ammo and Sierra doesn't make great bullet's. It's just that Hornday is more affordable, maybe I'm biased as a Nebraskan. Either way I'm looking foward to input from the grunts and officers of the forum army.
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