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Mossberg 930 SXT Semi

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Mossberg 930 SXT Semi

Postby GOANRA » Mon Apr 15, 2013 6:47 pm

Just got a Tac-Star bbl/mag clamp on my Moss 930SXT. Not sure how necessary it was but IMHO, it looked goofy with the barrel and the tube mag just hanging out there in with no visible support. A very minor thing, but makes it look like the solid shooter it is.

It never fails to spit-out the 7+1 rounds just as quick as you need them. It came with the Ghost Ring sights I've always liked, but I decided to put a light & laser on it (I already had) and bore sighted it as well.
Just ordered a 6 shell side saddle carrier for it so I will have 15 rounds ready to go when I grab it, if I carry a 'ghost-load' on the shell feeder. If 15 max-loaded shells don't solve my problems (or hit my rabbit), it'll be time to quit.
Now, to find a deal on some quick detach swivels so I can put a sling on it, if I like, since it came with the studs for 'em. In the meantime, it ought to keep the cats off the porch.

I only took it out of the safe this morning for a cleaning since I haven't shot it in a year. Got a little carried away.
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