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Antonio Zoli 12 GA. OU

Postby tigwelder56 » Tue Nov 20, 2012 6:36 pm

A friend of mine had left a shotgun he was given for a job he performed years and years ago, in a gun safe, in an un-airconditioned building here in Florida. Whew, that was a long sentence! Anyway he asked me if I could refinish it. When I saw it I just about died! It was completely rusted over and looked terrible. Thankfully the pitting was kept to a minimum so it wasn't terribly scarred. I decided to accept the job and commenced with the stripping of the rust and old bluing. I worked on it for several days in my free time. Started by stripping the oil and bluing off of it and then started with the wet sanding ending with some fine steel wool. I used a cold bluing process, over and over for two days (got busy with something else the first day). Applying, waiting briefly and then rinsing, those of you that have done this understand the drudgery of it. Especially with a long gun! Once finished and re-oiled I'm very pleased with the result and once I get a cable to transfer the photo here I'll share it with you. The most pleasant part of this job was when I handed it to the friend that had asked me to refinish it. He was thrilled and was amazed that it was the same gun!! Once the thanks and a cold beer were shared he told me that the shotgun had been locked up in that old safe for so many years that he wasn't very interested in it anymore. I was at a loss for words because who wouldn't want such a beautiful and valuable shotgun??? I asked him what his plans for it were and that I'd be interested in purchasing it. With that he picked it up and handed it to me and said Merry Christmas (early)!! He said "You earned it, it has been returned to it's beauty and you worked hard on it. Talk about me being a happy camper doesn't express my joy of owning this gorgeous shotgun. I measured the chokes and it's a Full and Improved Modified. It will be an excellent Trap gun!! Oh and by the way, I am one Happy Camper!! :shock: :D
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