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Postby Dharmabumz » Fri Jul 15, 2011 1:20 am

Thanks Saiga-12; I saw those recoil buffers and wondered if they worked. My thought re the absorbing stock was that my wife has shot 12 gauge but doesn't exactly love it. BUT she hinted that the noise didn't bother her, but the recoil re her shoulder. I think I'll get 3-4 of those buffers, and still explore the recoil absorbing stock. I had a Pachmyer buttstock pad that I took off one rifle and it fit the Saiga butt so well I think I'll leave it.

Yeah, I know what you mean re tricking out these Saigas. I see guys at our range going nuts over some part they suddenly can't live without.

I decided to upgrade our HD weapons so traded a Remington 870 Police pump in 12 ga and some cash for a NIB Saiga-12. After running slugs through it today I'm convinced it is a good, solid HD shotgun.

Let me know if you hear any gossip about those Kick-Lite stocks. They mention them on the Saiga-12 forum.
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Postby Saiga12 » Fri Jul 15, 2011 7:39 pm


Sorry about the handle misspelling ... 'dharmabug'.

Roger that.

I will check outKick-Lite's.

There will always be some glares from fellow shooters when you tell them: "put the butt-stock in the shoulder pocket and lean into the recoil". That might help the wife as well ...

We get some hellaciously good deals on the Fiocchi and other brands of double ought and slugs fromour local Academy (BIG BOX STORE) that we eventually find ourselves shooting way to many rounds per person of those heavy loads. It will wear on anyone after the FUN WEARS OFF.

This may or may not apply to your wife's situatiion.

If you have ever fired a short stocked rifle you will know what I mean Like the Trigger assy and your firing hand are behaind your ear or at least your chin ... makes for some very akward shooting. Same applies to people with who shoot weapons with stocks desined to accomodate a range of arm lengths . Particularly trigger finger to fold of elbow.

To actively visualize what I'm saying:

Have your wife stand with her arms and hands straight out to her sides at shoulder heigth, now you stand behind her ...centered and spread your arms and hands behind hers.

If there is a significant difference in wing span that may be part of her problem.

From fingertip to finger tip my wife is 5 foot, 3 1/2 inches.

She stands 5 feet 2 1/4 inches tall.

I stand 6 feet 2 inches and my wing spa is 6 foot 3 1/2 inches. Not all of that measurement difference (about a foot in our case) is arm length, but a significant amount is.

Failing that try shooting some 6, 7, 9 shot at a range/field. If you aren't into springing for man sized targets simply set out some plastic or tin 3pound coffee cans...same size as an adult head for ranging the lighter bird shot.

BTW just cleaned the Saiga for the first time after near 800 rounds...just like an AK 47 except for the gas plug.

Dust cover is a pain for me to re-install but the bolt assy is gettin a lot easier.
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Postby n8sigguy » Thu Sep 29, 2011 12:09 am

These Saigas look like fun. They've always got them in a work and they move fast. We had a couple drum mags, but honestly - they are ridiculous. They are bulky, heavy and wouldn't serve well in any serious encounter. Fun as heck I'm sure, but not at all practical.
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Postby tigwelder56 » Thu Sep 29, 2011 7:19 pm

Watch the TV show "Sons of Guns" sometime and see what that shop can do with a Saiga! I've seen them transform them into works of art! They have developed full auto as well as fully suppressed models for private and military applications. Excellent show and gunsmithing!
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Postby ulgydog56 » Fri Sep 30, 2011 5:35 pm

I like what you can do with the saga shot gun ,I have a 20ga it is fun and i would suspect over time more after market parts wiil be on line ,for my life it is a stamped cheap gun tho.......
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