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Ithaca 37 Defense Gun Reviews

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Ithaca 37 Defense Gun Reviews

Postby BLADESKATER00 » Mon Jul 05, 2010 4:20 pm

The way they display the photos here in the long guns section is distorting the photo--it looks much better in the photo I uploaded!
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Postby BudWoods » Sat Aug 07, 2010 12:13 pm

I have two Ithaca 37's. The first was my first shotgun - bought 52 years ago, used for $42 which included 4 misc. boxes of shells. it has a 30", full choke barrel. I've used it for everything - all kinds of hunting, trap, skeet [oh yes, I either smoked 'em or missed them], etc. I also used Remington slugs for my first Iowa deer when I was 15. The second is the parkerzied, butt ugly police version with cheap looking wood and 8 shot capacity. I got it used for $150 when a NH police dept. decided to replace their pump guns which they never used with 11/87s which they were likely to never use. They only had rack wear on them and the slide was still factory stiff. Neither gun has ever failed and both still have factory springs, etc. You do have to operate them with some semblance of coordination AND they will fire without trigger pulls if you hold the trigger down and just pump. }Ithaca had this peculiarity and, maybe today, that's no longer allowed. ??{ They're light and you'll feel a box of shells the next day. The Winchester & Remington pump guys look down on the Ithacas but they have done me no wrong.
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Postby Tinmancr » Wed Oct 13, 2010 8:48 pm

wow that is awesome I have one from the early 50s 53-43 I think.

it is not exactly a defense gun and has all wood stock, also only holds 4 2 3/4 shells.

probably the best shotgun I've ever shot or seen, it handles full magnum buck shot or slugs no problem.

mine has a 25-28in barrel full choke amazing tight pattern at long range.

why the military stopped using these is very odd but police still did till the 80s.
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