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Beretta Silver Pigeon Reviews

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Beretta Silver Pigeon Reviews

Postby txgrassguy » Fri Oct 27, 2006 9:59 am

As a previous 686 Silver Pigeon owner in both 29.5 and 27.5 barrels, I would rate both shotguns highly. An interesting feature of the Berettas is that other barrels fit the receiver easily. I had a EEL687 single over trap barrel I shot on my Silver Pigeon receiver for many years. My original 686 was bought in 1997 and had over 100,000 rounds through it when I traded it in. Accumulated damage to my right shoulder meant that sustained recoil became a problem so I switched to a AL391 Urika.

The 686 Silver Pigeon Sporting isnt made anymore, perhaps I am incorrect. Regardless, a great gun - particularly when I was successfully competing against Krieghofs, Zolis, Perrazis in both sporting clays and skeet.
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Postby Gold » Tue Mar 27, 2007 12:16 pm

Major trigger problems with a new in box Beretta SP II.

Huge variations in the pull, and repeated misfires the first day out. Delay up to 10 seconds between the time I pulled the trigger and the shot went off.

Worse situation was low house at Station 7.

The shot did not go off, I lowered the gun, about to break it open. And BANG, there it went.

Took it back to the retailer. They looked at it, found nothing wrong, went back out to the skeet field, and there it went again.

Took it back to the store for the second time, and told them I wanted nothing to do with that gun. Would not give me my money back. Manager of the gun dept wouldn't help.

Wrote several emails and faxes to Beretta, not to avail.

Finally called the manager of the whole store (large outdoor retailer in Wisconsin), and gained cause at last.

I shoot a 382 now, but seriously considering flying all the way to Italy to have a God damn gun built the Perazzi way.
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Postby paul1967 » Tue Apr 06, 2010 10:10 pm

Was out hunting pheasants last fall in SD and the stock cracked was not very happy. Sent it back to Beretta and they replaced the stock with a light colored one. The original one was a dark walnut. Sent it back again they took off the forend and matched the light colored stock. This is not what I wanted or bought and Berreta said that is to bad. They claim they did not have any dark wood. What has happened to doing the right thing and taking care of the customer?
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