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Franchi Renaissance Reviews

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Franchi Renaissance Reviews

Postby wsiefert » Tue Sep 26, 2006 4:34 pm

Ive had a Renaissance Field in 12ga for 2 months. 26 barrels comes in at 6.0 lbs even. Ive shot 10-12 rounds of skeet with it and even though its quite light, it tracks well. No problems at all. Should be a great pheasant gun and late season grouse gun.
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Postby mike1955 » Mon Sep 19, 2011 3:11 pm

I have the sporting version of the Franchi O/U, it's the Franchi Renaissance Sporting 12ga. Sold MSRP $2300.00 USD during production. Can still be found in dealer inventory new for several hundred dollars under MSRP. The obvious advantages of this gun over more popular brands here in the US are It's price versus options. The gun in 12ga sporting has a solid stainless steel block compared to the field's aluminum block. It has mechanical instead of inertia operation. It has only one barrel length in the sporting model (30 in). The barrels are ported and backbored. The wood is high quality wallnut. The wood grain is good but not great. The engraving on the gun is exceptional for Its price. This is laser engraving so it is not very deep, but the detail is amazing. The gun is very good in the quality department. You will find nothing to complain about in the fit and finish of this gun. The gold accents on the stainless steel receiver are a representation of a clay target. They are on the operating lever and either side of the gun. The trigger guard has the Franchi logo in gold. The adjustable stock comb is quality, and has reference marks for repeatability of adjustment. Recoil is offset by the Franchi version of what looks like a browning cynergy pad, but further investigation shows that it functions in a different way than the browning. The recoil pad has a perimeter style construction that allows for a translucent gel insert to be utilized as the main recoil absorption device. I personally have shot 200 rounds at a single trip to the skeet range (in a tee shirt) and felt like I could shoot two hundred more, couln't even tell I had been shooting. I have aftermarket extended tubes in mine, and let me tell you the look of this gun is nothing to be embarased about. You can buy these guns at a reasonable price. When you consider that in order to have all these options on another brand gun, you will be talking $3500.00 -$4500.00 MSRP. This is a whole lot of gun for the money..
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