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Question about hammerless shotguns

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Question about hammerless shotguns

Postby ShootSS » Mon Aug 29, 2011 5:47 pm

I seem to have acquired a fetish for a short barreled side by side shotgun. Obviously it would not be my primary home defense weapon, but I usually like to leave a gun loaded (safely of course) for home defense purposes. The lack of hammers on most of the newer scatter guns has be perplexed. If I keep it loaded, then the hammer spring is going to be at maximum coil/compression.

1. How will this affect the lifespan of the hammer spring?

2. How come this did not seem to be an issue for the stage guards who carried these scatter guns? They did not dare carry a broke open or unloaded shotgun. It had to be ready to go right now.

I prefer a hammer gun, but I don't particularly want to buy an aged warrior. I believe most of the newer ones are hammerless.

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