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Taurus Model 65/66 Reviews

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Postby St8Shooter » Thu Sep 09, 2010 7:51 pm

HMMMM never heard of this problem with this firearm.

YABU, 6-7 HUNDRED rounds???? really? you are a much more patient man then I. You might want to have Taurus look at it if that is the case.

I have never had so much as a small glitch..
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Postby ryanomaly » Tue Sep 21, 2010 7:24 pm

TAURUS 605 (for some reason it keeps posting here)...I had a cylinder lock-up, after a few years and maybe 150rds. It was severe, there were live rounds in and i couldnt even get them out or shoot them. I soaked it in penetrating oil as recommended by taurus and sent it back. got it a month later packaged nice. good customer service. shoots fine now. I can shoot high power rounds like the remington 125gn HPs (96% 1 shot stop rate) fine, with no pain. At first it hurt but then i started gripping a bit lower. The accuracy with practice startled me. I can shoot 5" at 100 feet. At first i couldnt at 30 feet and was mad but it turned out to be me. Don't waste time with .38 special unless you are practicing, for carry use a powerful round, and if kick bothers you, use hornady CD or winchester personal defense, these kick less (but are less powerful, still better than .38 special). Keep in mind the velocities listed on the box of ammo (usually 1400fps) doesn't apply here, its more like 1200fps at best due to the shorter barrel.
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Postby otrclwotpo » Sun Oct 10, 2010 10:31 pm

I highly recomend the Taurus 605 .357 as it is good quailty, small size, and manageble. Had the lock up problem immediately, took it back to the dealer, they sent back to Taurus, they made adjustments and returned it within a reasonable time, and no further problems. Be cautioned that Crimson Trace Laser grips won't fit 605 serial numbers that start with CS and CU made in 2009 and probably all serial numbers manufactured from 2009 and newer as Taurus made a change in the frame. I learned this from experience with Crinsom Trace but Taurus would not admit it that the grips won't fit and blamed it on the grips. LaserLyte just put out a new side mont laser that screws on the side of the small frame Taurus and Judge, and J frame S&W with no alteration of the frame. I am ordering a set for my 605 and will post the results when I try them. Stay Safe by being Prepared!!

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Postby ABEHE3EP » Mon Oct 18, 2010 6:37 pm

Just picked up a used 605CHSSC with concealed hammer, stainless steal and ported 2.25" barrel. Have not had the opportunity to take it to the range bu I am eager to compare it to my wifes S&W Model 60 with 3" barrel. What is the story, typically, with this gun "locking up" the cylinder?
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Postby hammerdrop » Sat Nov 20, 2010 10:06 pm

I purchased a Taurus 66 blued 4" older model. This is the second model 66 I've owned. The other one was about 20 years ago it was a stainless 6" model. I haven't had any problems with them. Great shooting guns
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Postby nebr_tom » Mon Dec 13, 2010 6:52 pm

I do some gunsmithing...mostly rebarreling rifles. I have had a number of Taurus 65's in the shop with lockup problems. The problem that I have always seen is that the cylinder center hole where the little spring loaded piece of steel is that springs forward as a safety item to allow the trigger to function and the gun to work properly is poorly machined. The hole is rough and not smooth as it should be. To fix this, take the cylinder off (turn the crain pin clock wise to loosen...left hand threads) then use a fine rat tailed jewlers file and gently file the inside of the hole. Look down it and when smooth, put the gun back together again. This has solved all of the Taurus lock up problems I have seen. Check the little spring loaded pin for free movement oil and shoot away. Hope this helps the lock up problem. Please excuse the poor grammer.
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Postby rushsampson » Sat Jan 01, 2011 5:10 pm

I bought a stainless steel 605 brand new about a week ago, to replace my rather cumbersome Ruger P90 for concealed carry.

All I can say is, wow. I recently put 45 rounds of Blazer 158gr. JHP's through it, and it fired flawlessly. The lack of barrel length is certainly something to get used to, at least for me, since I had to take my time to be sure and hit anything outside of 7 yards. Some were saying that the 605 may have problems ejecting the aluminum Blazers, and that it may have lock up problems out of the box, so I was expecting the worst the first time I took it out, yet I experienced neither of these problems.

The trigger pull seems a bit heavy in DA. I'd like to do something about that, but may be something I'll just get used to. It's not overly hard, just something that crossed my mind when shooting it. The factory grips seemed exceptional to me, but I've also heard Pachmayr's really do the trick.

Another thing that crossed my mind, is just how loud this thing is. It had no problems drowning out my friend's .40SW Hi-Point, and even with ear plugs my ears were ringing faintly for an hour or two. I'm sure some Gold Dot .38 Specials would tone it down some, but since it is my carry gun/home defence gun, I think .357 Mag really makes this piece shine. It's controllable, don't get me wrong, but man it rocks.

I really can't fault it so far. I would certainly recommend the 605 to anyone looking for a well-built, affordable, easy to carry revolver.
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Postby ulgydog56 » Sun Jan 02, 2011 8:26 pm

slicking up the trigger does,nt cost that much at all and is the gun ported,you may want to do that as for noise,its a mag.....
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Postby Missionx5 » Thu Feb 10, 2011 12:17 pm

Taurus 627 I bought mine when BO first came into office for $390 from a wholesaler. It is in stainless 6 1/2 inch barrel. I absolutely love shooting this rugged reliable revolver. Very accurate at the distances I shoot. It is something fun to take to the range and looks good holstered up in the woods too. If you want to turn some heads with good looks and big bangs this is the right one for you. If you want something to conceal and carry don't bother. I understand they have gone up in price significantly since I bought mine, but even at $500 up they are still a great buy.
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Postby wallyiv » Mon Apr 18, 2011 1:57 pm

Ok so my mother bought one of these for carry when I was deployed, and never took it to the range. I took it to the range when I learned this just to make sure it worked. Problem every shot every type of .38 same problem: pin strikes round like rimfire in DA and does not ignite round. Works every time like center fire should in SA. She never registered the weapon with Taurus and the warranty is void per Taurus eligibility. Can someone help me diagnose problem for her?
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