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Taurus Model 65/66 Reviews

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Taurus Model 65/66 Reviews

Postby 1945 » Thu Sep 07, 2006 1:24 am

These reviews seem to be some what jumble together so Id like to make it clear that the 605 s/s 2 inch 24 ounce 5 shot revolver is the subject of this review.

I really like this gun.

Having thoroughly checked out the S&W model 60 I have no regrets with my purchase of the Taurus 605 at a savings of around $150.

The workmanship from the forging/machining to the choice of grips is first rate.

I must say I did not find it comfortable or pleasant to fire .357 loads in it, definitely no damage to the piece or me but the recoil is enough to instill slight pain to the area between the thumb and forefinger, and decrease the 5 inch groups @ 25 Yards I achieved with REM. 125gr. JHP+Ps.

One last thing.

The trigger on this instrument is so light and smooth especially in single action - Never apply your finger to the trigger unless you want it to fire.
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Postby cb404 » Tue Sep 26, 2006 9:43 am

I love this little gun. I have the Total Titanium model and despite its light weight, the recoil of the .357 mag is not bad at all. Just put your sight at the 6 o clock and it is dead on. This is a great carry weapon.
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Postby cb404 » Mon Oct 02, 2006 2:27 am

This a well priced revolver regading the butt is about 3 inches short and needs a solid after market grip. I like the fact that the barrel is ported. U would have 2 take your S&W or Ruger to a gunsmith 4 that.I have 28.0z SS model.I found its nose heavy and that funky grip uncomfertable. I find this handgun to handle fair.If it was a car it has alot of understeer.It takes some adjusting while shoting it.Its an outdoors gun like hunting or shooting a pig dead. It takes getting use to it??
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Postby TrumpetShooter » Mon Oct 23, 2006 11:26 am

I bought my Taurus 65 NIB for $309 on sale at Bradis Guns in Camby, Indiana just after New Years Day, 2006. It is a 38-ounce real-steel .357 Magnum double-action service revolver, nicely blued, with a 4-inch full underlug barrel. After 10 months of use and 1,850 rounds of ammunition fired through it, I feel that the Taurus 65 is a stout carry piece, nearly perfect for its intended purpose. (The Model 66 is a stainless steel version of the Model 65.)

From full-house magnum loads to light target .38s, the Taurus 65 is a pleasure to shoot. After burnishing the barrel and seasoning it with my favorite barrel lube, I can fire several boxes of lead bullets of the appropriate hardness through this revolver with virtually no leading. The medium-heavy frame tames the recoil of the Sellier and Bellot 158-grain jacketed soft points, and steadies this shooters shakey old hands with handloaded target .38 specials.

Trigger pull and sight acquisition being relative subjects, I like both in this Taurus. That said, I learned to shoot with a stiff-triggered semi-automatic combat pistol. Compared to that trigger, the Taurus 65 double-action trigger pull is smooth and easy. To me, the double-action trigger pull just right defense--not so light as to invite accidental discharges, and not so heavy as to interfere with accuracy. With its 4-inch barrel, this gun is legal for deer hunting in Indiana, and at close range I wouldnt pass up a shot at the right sized deer, with the right ammo and a good position for a possible second shot. The fixed iron sights are of the traditional service revolver style. They dont snag on holsters or clothing, and they are adequate for any close-range defense work during daylight hours as well as after-hours social work under common city lights.

Accuracy is another relative term. I dont know exactly how straight this gun shoots at 25 yards, as I am not a bullseye shooter, and I do not have access to a clamp rest. Nor is pinpoint bullseye target work the intended purpose of this tool. I do know that a shooter of my skill level can hit an undersized bowling pin target repeatedly and consistently at 30 feet with it, with several bullets during a session going through a single jagged hole. This gun is also capable of ringing the 100-yard gong with 158-grain full-house magnum loads with the sights pointed at the middle of the gong, and minute of deer vitals accuracy at 25 yards.

I love the factory rubber grips on the Taurus 65. They fit my hand perfectly, absorb recoil, and are thin enough at the butt end to conceal well under any shirt that I would wear. I also have a set of short boot-style carry grips that work well and conceal even better in certain situations. The full-sized wooden target grips I bought from an e-Bay store for $1 dress up Taurus 65 nicely, and they work well with .38 specials as well as light to medium .357 magnums.

The one thing I find slightly frustrating about this gun is the short extractor. Since it is a full-underlug barrel design, it would have been so very easy to make the extractor rod long enough to push spent .357 magnum cases all the way out of the cylinder. For that shortcoming, alone, I would perhaps give the Taurus 65 a 4.5 bullet rating instead of a 5.0, but I am rounding up to a 5.0, since a 4.5 is not an option. Even with the short extractor, I have no problem expelling brass by tilting the muzzle upward. Its not so much a lack of function as it is the disapointment in the lack of design creativity.

Good gun. Right price.
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Postby BILLHU » Sun Nov 19, 2006 11:50 am

Ordered Taurus 65SS4 from Target World in Cincinnati, Ohio and picked it up 11-15-2006. Was not able to use it untill Saturday 11-18-2006, hand loads 158 grain SWC (50 each) 3.2 grain Bullseye and (50 each) 7.0 grain 2400. These are a very pleasant to shoot and grouped well 3 at 50 ft. The Bullseye burned cleaner than the 2400, I am going to try Unique next time.Why shoot hot loads for targets at short range save those for hunting and/or protection.

Bill H.
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Postby azkid » Sat Dec 02, 2006 11:59 pm

I Love my model 66.I have an older one (8Years) shot tons of ammo through it with no Problems.I suggest you add a Hogue rubber grip for better control if your revolver does not have one.
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Postby BILLHU » Mon Dec 11, 2006 10:36 am

Took my newly purchased Taurus Model 65 SS4, after reloading 150 shells all with 158 LSWC, 50 with grain Bullseye, 50 with 4.5 grain Unique and 50 with 7.0 grain 2400 to the Target World range. After a little practice was able to group 2 at 50 off hand.
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Postby aaronrkelly » Thu Dec 14, 2006 6:53 am

I have a 3 stainless 605 model.


Gun came new from factory with a completely trashed barrel - pure junk. Chatter marks, chunks of rifling missing - real bad. The only thing worse then the barrel was the customer service. The gun wasnt even 3 days old when I sent it off (at my expense, they wouldnt pay for shipping). They had it 5 months - every time I called they would say it should be only 2 more weeks. Finally after 20+ calls I had to threaten legal action to get results. They sent me out a replacement revolver. When that gun showed up it had flaws in the finish and 1 bad spot in the rifling. It functioned well so I gave up and just tossed it in the same.


These gun are sharp. I put some Rosewood grips on mine - made it really pretty. Gun functions well and locks up reasonably tight. The 3 barrel carries well, seems the perfect size for a defensive .357 magnum

Taurus needs to get there customer service together - they have a decent product but they dont treat the customer well at all. This is my last Taurus product....not buying another.
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Postby piper » Thu Dec 21, 2006 5:51 pm

Ive had my 608 4 ported/blued for a little over a year and many range session with 38 and 357. Previously owned a SW 686 and this gun is just as accurate for far less cash. Its a plessure to shoot and has an excellent trigger in single action mode. Its a big, bad, heavy, intimidating gun that has been completely reliable and can connect the dots at the range if I do my part. Bluing is deep and rich and adjustable sights are excellent. Great target and hunting weapon for the money.
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Postby Retiredwheelgunner » Fri Dec 22, 2006 7:00 pm

I have owned a Taurus 605 for over a year.Today I finally shot 357 magnums through it.It was not as bad as I thought it would be as far as recoil.It was manageable .I would recommend the 605 highly even shooting 38s.
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