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Sig Arms Mosquito Reviews

Discuss and review everything about the pistol, from the original 1911, to the modern compact semi-automatic.

Postby CREECHERS » Sat Oct 16, 2010 11:19 pm

I was on the fence as to wanting this gun considering the mixed reviews. But being a Sig owner and fan, after holding it I couldn't resist giving it a try. My primary reason for purchase was to have a fun gun, something to feed cheaper ammo through and give the feel for my full size guns. Well, after my first 100 rounds I am very happy. It was a pleasure to shoot. I followed the recommendation for CCI Mini Mags - the gun went through them with no problem feeding and ejecting. I had one FTF which was an ammo problem - not a gun problem. As I shoot more, I will drop an update on how it performs. I'm still smiling.
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Postby jchaak » Thu Oct 21, 2010 1:44 pm

Two months ago I purchased the Mosquito despite the negative reviews (not my norm). Also bought 500 rounds of CCI Mini-Mag hoping for the best. The first 200 rounds we're 20 year old bulk pack mini-mag (blue plastic box with no specs on the label) all flawless. Decided to try some Federal bulk red box (Walmart) before moving onto the new Mini-Mags. 280 rnds of Fed Red with 2 FTFire (ammo related my guess, both fired on second strike). Looking pretty cruddy, cleaned and called it a day. Two range trips later and another 260 flawless rnds of Fed Red, I have to say I'm very pleased. Except for the front sight flying off into the weeds on the first holster draw I haven't had a single problem (Sig sent me a free replacement after a phone call and three weeks wait via USPS). Inspection after last cleaning shows no wear. Looks like they may have gotten the bugs out. Fingers still crossed.

Forgot to mention, all shooting has been done with the factory spring installed and I thoroughly cleaned it before it's initial outing.
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Postby sobe77 » Thu Oct 21, 2010 3:47 pm

So glad you guys are having equally positive results with your mosquito!! At under $7 for 100 CCI minis at Wal Mart, You can't go wrong with this gun!!!
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Postby tigwelder56 » Thu Oct 21, 2010 4:53 pm

It's nice to see things are turning around with the Skeeter! The more I read, here and elsewhere, it appears to me that a proper break-in period with quality ammunition could quite possibly determine the future performance of this pistol. It seems to me from the information I've read, that the people that disregard the break in period recommendations, very often regret it.
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Postby outlaw54 » Thu Oct 21, 2010 5:13 pm

I think the Mosquito problem can be summed up in a few ways, not sure if there is any wrong or right answer to this problem, but after a lot of research and have a problem free model myself, here are some thoughts:

1) Early models had issues, no doubt. If yours was made after 2007, many of the problems were worked out on the global scale. You may still have a lemon.....

2) Many of us were under the assumption that this was made by Sig and was a quality product just like the P226.....wrong, another company made these for Sig (I don't know exactly which) and it kind of shows when you break it down. It was modeled after the P226, but you can see some shortcuts and quality issues here and there.....

3) This gun needs to be broken in for the first 500 rounds with CCI mini mags and cleaned well before the first using. I can't explain why, but those of us that followed the directions had better luck than those that didn't. Once again, you can still have a lemon even with this.

4) When I read the bad reviews, so many didn't follow the directions, didn't break it in, didn't even own one, gave up on it after 200 rounds, etc.

5) I got the winter camo, it looked cool, didn't have any feed issues and mine is pretty darn accurate for what it is. If you want an awkward looking .22 that will never let you down, buy a Ruger, it is a better and more accurate .22 cal, but the long barrel and shape and size didn't feel comfortable to me. I fired a few Walther P22's and they had less luck than the Mosquito and it felt small in my hand.

This has been a neat little 22 I can throw in my pocket to walk the dog and I got lucky, mine still works after 1,000+ rounds. With the cost of ammo, this has been a great alternative and hasn't caused me any headaches.

6) I hear Sig will be discontinuing it or developing a different model, no big surprise. I think the better alternative was to get the Sig .22 conversion and use it on a an existing Sig model that you already own....

This gun had issues, but if you bought one after 2007 and broke it in and had a little luck, you probably have one that works well, like I did.
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Postby outlaw54 » Thu Oct 21, 2010 5:15 pm

Tigwelder56 actually said what I did in a condensed and better worded short answer, well put and all true from my experience with one of these
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Postby CREECHERS » Mon Oct 25, 2010 9:55 pm

Alright. Second trip to the range with the Mosquito. My plan was to throw as many Mini Mags through it as I could. The magic number for me appeared at 200. I had started with a cleaned gun after my last outing, and once I hit about 200 - it started acting up. Considering the instructions say to clean it every 250, this didn't come as much suprise as the gun had a considerable amount of fouling. Main effect it had was failing to chamber. Now up to that point the gun had been flawless. Still breaking it in - cleaned an ready for the next trip. Have about 200 more rounds to go before I can say it's broken in. Will update after the next shoot - still smiling.
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Postby outlaw54 » Mon Oct 25, 2010 10:01 pm

Keep a drop of Remlube on the feed ramp every 100 rounds or so, or when it acts up, this will also help the feed issues
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Postby epwrangler » Mon Oct 25, 2010 10:54 pm

The little hole iin the slde ar the right rear is to put oil into the gun. I do it about every 100 rounds or less. Put a brass brush into a drill and put some metal polish on it. Then polish the chamber with it. It does wonders for the gun. Another thing to do is to is to very carefully just break the rear edge of the chamber. Mine now runs like a top all day. I did have one magazine I had to clean up. It gets bettter...honest. Mine now lives on a diet of Federal bulk 550.
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Postby warren_borg » Sat Oct 30, 2010 11:34 pm

I didn't know about the hole on the rear right side of the slide, thanks epwangler. And I agree with what you said about putting oil on the feeding ramp, that helps a lot. With bulk ammo, Federal's and CCI Blazers never give me problems.

I also apologize to everybody about a review I put up awhile ago, people talking about double action trigger pulls. It wasn't until after I watched a cop show and I realized that they never have their pistols cocked, hence the double action trigger pull.

I will keep from posting my silly, uneducated replies.
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