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Sig Arms SP2022 Reviews

Discuss and review everything about the pistol, from the original 1911, to the modern compact semi-automatic.

Postby express9980 » Wed Mar 21, 2007 8:20 pm

the recoil on the sig 9mm will break you hand its like shooting 12 gauge buy a hi-point
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Postby cdbruster » Wed Mar 21, 2007 8:35 pm

If you think the recoil on a Sig (I'm assuming a SP2022) 9mm is bad, you are obviously a panzy. Perhaps you should stick with a .380 or a .32 cal. Express9980, you will experience a bit more recoil in pistols with composite lowers. You will also experience more recoil in pistols with shorter barrels. You can also try a stiffer guide rod spring, it seems to help. I've really never noticed one make of pistol having a significantly less recoil than the other. This is of course if you are comparing apples to apples (same caliber, same frame type, etc.). Oh, comparing a Hi-Point to a Sig Sauer is like comparing a yugo (Hi-Point) to a Mercedes (Sig). Now comparing a Hi-Point to a Jennings is a close comparison.
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Postby Rage » Thu Mar 22, 2007 8:16 pm

i have this gun in .40, the recoil on that isnt bad at all compaired to the S&W mp. and a high point is a good idea if you would like a gun that will fail when you need it matt turner....
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Postby crandallbrent » Sat Mar 31, 2007 5:32 am

Hey Ive just recently started looking around at sigs and I was wondering why there is about a $200-300 price difference between the SP2022 and the SP299?
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Postby cdbruster » Sat Mar 31, 2007 12:42 pm

crandallbrent... I think you're refering to the P229 not SP299 (Sig does not make an SP299). I replied to a similar question in the P229 section of the forum. Look there for a posting from me to steelwill. It is pretty detailed and should answer your question. I own an SP2022 and a P229R and I hold both of them in high regard.
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Postby USAF_LT » Mon Jun 11, 2007 1:04 pm

Hey everyone. I am new to the world of handguns; a couple of weeks ago I went to the range with friend and fell in love. So I have decided I want a handgun but of course there are a million choices out there. I think I have decided I want a SIG, but can't decide between the 226, 229, 220, and the SP2022. Any adivce?
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Postby kam74 » Thu Jul 05, 2007 7:36 pm

sig made a HUGE design error with this weapon...the takedown lever can be VERY easily moved out of place (for example, while holstered or during a struggle for the weapon) making the weapon inoperable. it's rather hard to explain, but for those of you who own the 2022, try this: on the opposite side of the slide release, a little piece of the lever sticks out like a button. you press this inwards to take the lever out of the sig and take the slide off. pretend like the sig is loaded and ready to fire and push that button in with the tip of your finger. the slide will now barely move to cycle rounds and in a real life situation, this can spell disaster. i confirmed this with sig as well. buyer beware!
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Postby Ice4Blood » Fri Aug 17, 2007 3:07 pm

I do not own a 2022, however I do unfortunately own a 2340 which I bought new. Same gun except for the rail. I have absolutely no idea why I bought this thing, other than the fact that I was at a gun show and it was very inexpensive and carried the Sig name. It feels simply nasty with either of the two grips that come with it. It is a nightmare beyond description to take down. I admit that I have put less than 300 rounds through it, but pushing the slade catch lever button in enough to release the slide catch lever itself, requires the use of an old fashioned, round top clothespin and a coffen hoist. Well ok, maybe not a coffen hoist, but all the strength I have pushing on the clothespin and I am far from being a small man. I have had 4 malfunctions in that 300 rounds I have fired and I only use Golden Saber ammo, so it's not my ammo. Now I fully understand that the way a person feels about any particular firearm can influence how well that person is able to use it. That said, I have far greater accuracy using any of my Berettas or Glocks, 1911's or pretty much anything I own other than my Kahr P26 which I rate right down there with the 2340. Bottom line is in a matter of life and death, I would feel far safer throwing my 2340 at an attacker rather than shooting at him with it. At least I know my throw would work and I would have a better chance of hitting him. Oh and when I took it to my regular gunshop to trade it in for a Glock, they just laughed at me.
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Postby Csjag » Sun Jan 20, 2008 8:53 pm

I bought a SP 2009, which is the 9mm version of the SP2022's predecessor. One of the things that influenced my decision was that the local police department carries the 357 SIG version and think highly of it. So far, so good. After several hundred rounds of factory ammo, I started using reloads from a local company for range practice. The SIG has functioned flawlessly with these reloads and will shoot 2" groups at 10 yards offhand.

As to kam74 's comment about the take-down lever coming out easily, I have had no such experience. I know this gun is a little harder to take down than a 226 or 229, but practice makes the job easier every time. You get used to it after a while.
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Postby Sigslinger » Mon Jan 21, 2008 12:30 pm

There we go. After a few unwarranted bad reviews we finally have some positive feedback. As an update to my first post, I now have over 2000 rounds through mine and still no issues. I've never ever had the slide release even come close to popping out or rendering the pistol useless.

The handful of FTE or FTFs came from friends shooting it without a firm wrist. The recoil is no more than my EAA Witness .40 or my 92FS. Still what I would consider a great shooter for the money. Besides the common "smiley face" on the barrel from the action of the slide, the pistol looks brand new. Wonderful fit and finish. I did see this pistol at the last gun show for $500 brand new. Enjoy

Still a 5 out of 5
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